Saturday, October 5, 2013

Upcoming: Heavy Future and Heavy Magic

 Night before last, I began laying out Heavy Future. I assembled a rough cut PDF of Heavy Future, which tops out at 135 pages. Originally, I planned a single sourcebook, but the sheer size of the manuscript necessitated breaking my original plans for Heavy Future into two sourcebooks. Heavy Future includes all the world information, a very interesting, deep gazetteer, four new player races and all the classes, feats and starting talents common to the setting. In short, Heavy Future is all about the world and options for the creatures that inhabit it.

Right now, Heavy Future is lavishlyillustrated by John Picot. I actually sent him a copy of the rough cut last night. I got an email from John this morning offering to replace most of the stock illustrations in the PDF with his own illustrations.

I naturally said 'Oh Hell, yes!"

So Heavy Future will actually be better illustrated than I had originally planned. It's already great looking, I want to see what John adds to it to make it even better.

Heavy Weapons is Book II of the Heavy Future canon. It's a HUGE toy and power book. In addition to all the mundane futuristic adventuring gear and weapons, (like the Particle Katana I previewed a few posts ago) Heavy Weapons includes more than a hundred each of new spells and new magic items.

You've seen bits and pieces of Heavy Weapons here over the last few weeks.

Right now, I'm debating whether to release Future & Weapons as a single download on RPGNow, essentially an electronic version of a classic RPG boxed set, or make the books stand alone releases. I'm leaning towards releasing the two sourcebooks independently, each priced at about 40-45% of what I would sell the pair of books for as a unit.

Whatever I decide, look for the two Heavy.... sourcebooks sometime very soon.

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