Saturday, November 30, 2013

Upcoming: Erobots and Black Tokyo's Advanced Guide

Well, I've been doing tons of writing in between looking for more regular work. Right now, I'm heavily into Expanded Races: Erobots and Black Tokyo's Advanced Guide. I put together a very rough cut of BT: Advanced Guide yesterday and it topped out at about 170 pages! I want it to be a 200 pager before I start laying it out, and I'm finishing off the magic items and monsters chapters.

Erobots is progressing rapidly to a conclusion and that's the one I really wanted to hit on today. John is a huge fan of the race and the whole concept and keeps pushing me to add more content and concepts. So ER: Erobots is not going to be a short PDF- we're shooting for about 50 pages of new Heavy Future content.

Something fun about Erobots is that like so many of my products, its built around sexual fetish- in this case, technophilia. So it will be a very kinky, somewhat niche product. John's engaging some online forums, including the very satisfyingly named FembotCentral.Com to incorporate all sorts of really fucked up and cool ideas for what Erobots are and what they can do.

It's been a fun product to write, because of just how bizarre some of the concepts are.

I think you'll enjoy it. Expect ER: Erobots within a week or so.

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