Monday, February 17, 2014

Inked: Faceless/Voiceless

Inks of Faceless Voiceless, the absolutely horrific Lifer terrorist I previewed yesterday. I love the fact Amanda gave this guy shoulder cannons like Prowl's (you know, the cop-car robot from Transformers). Transformers has actually been more an influence on Otherverse America than you'd might expect- I only gave the Lifers their mostly purple and black color schemes because I liked the look of the purple,black and gold Insecticon toys.

Anyway, I'm really liking how this image came out. You'll notice Amanda gave Faceless claws- I asked her to do that, it just looked right with the clenched fist, and I'll add an appropriately nasty melee attack to the character's statblock as a result. 

In other news, I'm very seriously looking into a Kickstarter for future Black Tokyo releases, especially what is looking to be a very art heavy expanded atlas and bestiary.

Any thoughts?


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