Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Combatant Core Class

Okay, new project....

The Combatant Core Class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 20 levels of completely non-magical kung fu badassery.

The Combatant had its origins in an idea by John Picot; he wanted to do a non-supernatural version of the Monk based on MMA fighters and kung fu movies. No supernatural or spell-like abilities, just training based powers, superior grappling abilities and close in combat mastery.

Over the last couple of weeks we've been working on a new class that meets these goals. The end result is the Combatant, which blends some elements of the Monk with the Tetori Monk archetype, the Brawler from the Advanced Class Guide playtest packet, and a host of rogue-talent like abilities called Techniques. The end result is a very customizable class that is basically a solid martial arts system in the form of a player character.

It's been a very, very fun class to work on, and will fit nicely with all my settings. The Combatant works in a fantasy context (albeit with a different flavor and strategy in mind than the Monk) and works equally well in my signature settings. Since both Black Tokyo and Psi-Watch feature ninja warriors, pit fighters, kung fu and sumo wrestlers, the Combatant fits well in either world.

In Heavy Future, the Combatant becomes a Lobo-esque bar brawler or Worf-type warrior. In Otherverse America, the Combatant might be a cyborg warrior, a young Covenguard or a fearsome Nanofeaster predator.

I sent the latest draft on to John, and I'll be getting some art together this week and next. So look for the Combatant before the end of February.

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