Thursday, February 13, 2014

Upcoming: The Combatant and Familars of Black Japan

I just finished off the Combatant class for Pathfinder. The final manuscript tops 30 pages, and its an incredibly deep martial arts system masquerading as a single class. John took a very active hand in its construction- he was the impetus behind writing this sourcebook, as well as furnishing a lots of mechanics and flavor, as well as doing the art. John's going to be donating his portion of the profits to a friend of his, Jimmy Chaikong, who is in training to get back into mixed martial arts fighting. So if you're interested in kung fu, or just want to see a radically different take on the Monk, pick up the Combatant when it goes on sale at RPGnow.

Also, look for another mid-length sourcebook, focusing exclusively on Black Japan's familiars. This book includes more than a dozen new Black Tokyo monsters, all less than CR 1, and all suitable for use as a familiar by a spell-caster. Trom fetal ghosts called Sankai to living snakes of shit called Pooplets, Black Tokyo's familiars are going to be as weird and ghoulish as the heroes and villains themselves.

After that, I'm working on a couple of HUGE monster sourcebooks, one for Otherverse America (the long-delayed Closed) and one for Heavy Future. I'll preview some content for both soon.

By the way, this year (as I have for the last three years) my goal is to put out 52 releases- an average of one PDF per week. For the last few years I've fallen short, hitting in the high 30s to mid 40s, which is still impressive for a small press gaming company. However, this year, I've already put out nine PDFs in two months, and if I can continue this pace, I'll be hitting my goal.

Lets see if it happens,

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