Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Black Tokyo Art: John Picot

 After a computer crash, John Picot is rebuilding his poser library, and acquired several new props and character sets. Several of them, he specifically chose for Black Tokyo.

Here are three of the images he sent along last week, all of which will be finding their way into future Black Tokyo products.

His Kitsune images have spurred me to create a new sourcebook- an Expanded Races PDF examining the Kitsune thoroughly. I'll preview some of the content from ER: Kitsune soon, but today, just enjoy the new art.



Andrew Antolick said...

I just saw a fault lines episode on abortion in Texas. Damn, I can only imagine what being exposed to that must genial shaming, fetus worship, and veiled hate can to to a person. Best of luck to your life.

On a more smile inducing note, Which of the species in your multiverse cuddles the best?

Chris A. Field said...

You know how I can write with verisimilitude about the Lifer Enclaves in Otherverse America, where if you're not a white Protestant Christian, you're a second or third class citizen and there is not even the pretense of inclusion, equality or justice? It's because I'm living in one right now.

As for cuddling, either the Ubasti from Otherverse America if you're into non-sexual cuddling, because it would be like curling up on the couch with a really big fuckin' dog, or the Trius from Galaxy Command if you're talking carnal cuddlin'.