Thursday, May 1, 2014

Incoming Projects

Thought I'd preview some of the upcoming products that will be released soon. In no particular order, we've got Monsters of Rock. Monsters of Rock will be a mid-length bestiary for the Heavy Future campaign setting.

My next two releases are stand-alone race books. Gravewalkers is based on an idea by John Picot, and the race is mechanically his- half undead, shunned by society, created by the presence of cursed crystals and blessed with powerful necromantic abilities. They are a really flavorful race, and are a good fit for my existing campaign worlds, or any campaign setting.

Next is True Beasts, which is purely a stock art product. Short summary: you can play Battlecat. Or Aslan ('d rather be Battlecat, personally, but that's just me....). Or the panzerbjorn from Golden Compass. It's an extremely modified version of Fursona that will allow you to build any kind of badass four-footed giant, sentient animal you can imagine. It's applicable to any fantasy setting and also includes alternate racial traits that will allow you to use True Beasts as Ubasti in Otherverse America.

Anyway, expect some previews of my upcoming Black Tokyo products: Expanded Races: Kitsune and Enchantments of Black Japan, soon....


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