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Combined Fleet POETICA

It's been very much a Black Tokyo summer. I've got a ton of content I want to add to Black Tokyo and several major projects in the pipeline. In addition to the big magic omnibus and a few other larger works, expect several Expanded Race Books: Akaname, Nekomusume, Kami, Kitsune (which have already hit), Goryohime up next, and finally POETICA.

The POETICA book is a nice book end to the Neko sourcebook, in that they both deal with an enslaved race of artificial girls and their struggle for freedom. It explores the tropes of harem comedy and magical girlfriend anime in light of showing how much ownership of a non-human intelligence would really suck, and how morally black such ownership would be. Basically, imagine Chobits written by Fredrick Douglass. The struggle for freedom is a very fun plotline to write, and I'm hoping in home games, the player characters and their allies are finally the ones who put an end to the artifical girl slave trade running through the Black Tokyo campaign setting.

Not all POETICA are slaves though. I'm building on the Assault Witch plotline found in Black Tokyo Unlimited to introduce a set of alternate racial traits for POETICA working with the Japanese military: Combined Fleet POETICA. Take a look at the alternate traits and an NPC built with these traits.


            Combined Fleet POETICA (EX)
            Replaces: Racial Skills, Modifies Ability Score Modifiers
            You are a military model POETICA, serving the JSDF as a part of an experimental unit operating as support gunners of the nation’s new Assault Witch squads. Combined Fleet POETICA have a more rugged beauty than most of these androids, powerful integrated cannons are built into their forearms- these long barreled weapons resemble the turrets of a WWII era battleship. Most Combined Fleet POETICA dress in the standard uniform of the day for their unit- a schoolgirl outfit with an olive drab skirt and beret, accented with rank insignia and a golden lanyard for senior androids.

            Combined Fleet POETICA do not receive a racial bonus to their CHA score.

            Combined Fleet POETICA begin play with the Military starting occupation. They receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (tactics) checks, as they are programmed to be diehard military buffs.

            Each Combined Fleet POETICA is equipped with a set of double-barreled masterwork cannons (one set per arm). POETICA are always considered proficient with these integrated cannons. These weapons cannot be disarmed, though they can be sundered. They can be enchanted, though the POETICA must remain present for the entire process. They are considered light weapons.

Ranged Weapons
Range Increment
2d6+1 ballistic
100 ft

            Combined Fleet Training (EX)
            Replaces: Highly Skilled
            Available To: POETICA with the Combined Fleet POETICA alternate racial trait only
            You receive any Combat feat that you meet the prerequisites for as a racial bonus feat at first level. 

Combined Fleet Gunner (CR 7)
Medium LN or LG Combined Fleet POETICA Ranger 5 /Assault Witch 3
XP 3,200
Init +2       Senses Lowlight Vision, perceive unencrypted radio/television/cellular/wifi signals, Perception +13   
Languages Celestial, English, Japanese

AC 19 Touch 14 Flatfooted 17 (+2 DEX, +2 class, +4 armor, +1 shield)
HP 5d10 + 3d8 - 8 hp (38 HP)
FORT +4 REF +8 WILL +4
Immune environmental cold

Spd 30 ft Flight 60 ft (good) Travel Speed Mach 1.5
Melee +6/+6/+3 masterwork wakizashi (1d6+2 slashing, 18-20/x2)
Ranged +7/+7/+4 masterwork CF cannon (2d6+1 ballistic, 20/x2, 150 ft range increment, single shot, unlimited ammo)
Favored Enemies Outsiders (evil) +4, Undead +2
Favored Terrains Sky (unique- applies when in flight at least 50 ft above ground) 
Special Qualities Aeromusume, Favored Enemy, Favored Terrain, Hunter’s Bond, Mach One Climax, Wild Empathy
Spellcasting (CL 5th Concentration +7) 
First Level – Alarm, Resist Energy

Str 12 Dex 14 Con 9 Int 13 Wis 15 Cha 13
Base Atk +7 CMB +8 CMD 20
Feats Aircraft Operations, Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Broken Doll, Deadly Aim, Far Shot, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Personal Firearms Proficiency,  Two Weapon Defense, Two Weapon Fighting
Skills Fly +14, Knowledge (arcana) +13,  Knowledge (geography) +12, Knowledge (history) +5, Knowledge (tactics) +14, Knowledge (nature) +12, Perception +13, Pilot +8, Survival +13
Gear armored leggings, parade armor, two mwk. wakizashi, potion of cure light wounds, iPhone

Environment any (stationed at Misawa AFB, in Northern Japan)
Organization solitary, pair or wing (3d6) sometimes accompanied by senior human officers (high level fighter/rangers or Powered Heroes)
Treasure standard

Special Abilities
Aeromusume (SU)
As a full round action, the Combined Fleet Gunner strips away her uniform, her legs and virginal pussy becoming steel and aluminum. When fully transformed, the young girl is almost naked, except for the warplane components sheathing her legs like a vixen’s lacy stockings.
            While transformed, the Combined Fleet Gunner gains a flight speed of 60 ft (good maneuverability). On any round she takes a double move and flies at least 100 ft, the CF Gunner may add her CHA modifier (currently +1) as a deflection bonus to her Armor Class. This bonus remains for one round after she completes her movement.

            If the CF Gunner is knocked unconscious, falls asleep or is slain she returns to her human form. The CF Gunner can otherwise remain in her Aeromusumne form indefinitely. While transformed, she is immune to environmental cold, and though she still needs to breathe, she can do so easily at supersonic speeds and doesn’t suffer any ill effects from fighting.

Angelic Little Loli (SU)
            The Combined Fleet Gunner gains a +1 holy bonus on Saves against evil outsiders and undead.    Hostile creatures of those types who confirm a melee critical hit against the Combined Fleet Gunner must succeed at a DC 12 WILL Save (or be shaken for as long as they remain in your presence and for 1 round after they leave it. Once a creature saves against this effect, it cannot be affected by your purity again for 24 hours.

            Limitation: The Combined Fleet Gunner loses the benefit of this talent for 24 hours if she engages in consensual penetrative sex, though she can engage in masturbation, oral or fetish acts with a lover.

            Arcane Ace (EX)
            The Combined Fleet Gunner adds half her Assault Witch level (currently +1) on Fly and Knowledge (arcana) checks.

Hunter’s Bond (EX)
The Combined Fleet Gunner bonds to her companion, and acts as an advanced scout. She may spend a move action to grant half her favored enemy bonus against a single target of the appropriate type to all allies within 30 ft who can see or hear her. This bonus lasts for two rounds and does not stack with any favored enemy bonuses possessed by her allies. Use whichever bonus is higher.

Mach One Climax (SU)
If the Combined Fleet Gunner masturbates to orgasm immediately before take off, she gains the ability to travel at supersonic speeds outside of combat and gains the stamina to take advantage of her range.

            At Mach 1.5, her maximum air speed, the Combined Fleet Gunner can reach anywhere in Japan in an hour or two, and can be anywhere in the world in a day’s travel. This enhancement does not affect her tactical speed or maneuverability.

By spending an action point (and/or hero point) and touching a willing creature no more than one size category larger than herself, the Combined Fleet Gunner gains the ability to carry this person as a passenger at supersonic speeds. Her passenger is protected from suffocation, cold and wind injuries by a magical aura, so long as he or she clings tightly to the airplane-girl. This enhancement lasts for the duration of a single journey.

            Track (EX)
            The Combined Fleet Gunner adds half her Ranger level (currently +2) on Survival skill checks to follow tracks.

            The Combined Fleet Gunner is one of the highly trained and exuberantly patriotic warrior androids assembled by the Japanese Self Defense Force and quartered at the sprawling air base at Misawa, Japan. She is a proud member of an Assault Witch sentai, and uses a combination of Tantric martial arts training and arcane cyber-systems to take to the air with the speed and agility of a next-gen joint strike fighter.

            Combined Fleet Gunners, like this one here, are assigned to anti-supernatural warfare duties, and see it as their duty to protect their nation and its citizens from supernatural evil. This particular CF Gunner was an accomplished special forces troop before being accepted into the Assault Witch program, and thus is a lot more pragmatic, a lot more comfortable in the wilderness, and a lot more willing to get her hands dirty than the typical POETICA.

            She’s a lovely and imposing sight in her immaculate Combined Fleet duty uniform. Twin cannons adorn each fire arm, while high tech polymer composite armor plating protects the bio-jet systems she transforms her legs into when she fights. She carries twin wakizashi slung low on her hips, heirloom weapons bought at auction that once belonged to Japanese Imperial army officers of some renown. She’s as proud of the swords as she is every facet of her heritage and history.

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