Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cross Genre

I was exchanging emails with John Picot today, plotting out future developments in Black Tokyo. He's been wanting to add several elements to the world, including lots of cyberpunk elements informed by our mutual love of everything Shirow Masamune. We got to talking about the different plot threads I've been juggling in Black Tokyo, and I sent him this passage. Take a look- it sorta of advertises all the possibilities inherent in the setting, and hints at some of our upcoming plans for the line.

"I've noticed that Black Tokyo has several different threads running through it, each of which could be a full game in its own right, in various genres. In a way it's got that in common with Rifts- it's this huge, cross genre magi-tech setting.
So far I've noticed:

  • The traditional mythology stuff (exemplified by our Kitsune and Kami books)
  • The Royal Family/making a better Japan in honor of the child princess stuff (which I haven't even finished exploring yet)
  • the Strike Witches style homages set at Misawa AFB
  • Kiki's Delivery Service as homaged by Benten's Pizza, and the whole Goddess Benten plot line
  • the gynophagia/cannibalism/Dolcett style fetish stuff, with the Ukemochi ranch
  • the cross planar stuff with the Tatakama & Black Else itself, which ties into the Crown Princess being the reincarnation of the slain Taira emperor (which I plan to do lots more with)
  • The magical schools (Tanso Middle School, Clovers Academy, Hanging Academy, ect)
  • Lolicon/shota style stuff, which I'm reluctant to get heavily into, but which has to at least be touched on to do justice to the genre, and which will probably be explored through the school plot line
  • Working class supernatural Japan, with the TBMS and various low wage workers which rub shoulders with the supernatural & ghosts
  • Project GILGAMESH and the Kaiju and Evangelion homages
  • Your   robot fetish stuff (the upcoming POETICA and Tetsujin books, maybe importing the Erobots and some Heavy Future stuff as well)
  • My erotic aphyxia elements (which got explored in ER Goryohime)
  • the struggle for freedom and abolitionists for the artifical girls (POETICA and Neko)
  • Shirow Masumune cyberpunk stuff, which I've assigned to Gunma and Chiba prefectures as well as parts of Tokyo mostly, which can cross over with the robot stuff and artificial girls plotlines as needed
  • Rural Japan, which blends into the traditional folklore and Ukemochi ranch plotlines as well as the Tatakama a little
  • the Ubume Empress and Christian community in Nagasaki, as well as implied crossover with Otherverse America (as I've always kept it as an Easter Egg that the Ubume Empress is the transfigured soul of Fairfax Dacoveney's mother, after her suicide in the wake of the Treaty of Boston)
  • Investigatory urban magic and horror (ranging in tone from the Ghostbusters at one extreme to Silent Hill at the other)
  • Speaking of Silent Hill I've noticed a 'medical fetish' trend developing, and I'm building extra spells and items for it.
  • I'm sure there's other elements I'm missing"

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