Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More BTU Goodness: Herskin and Deeppulse Armor (NSFW)

Okay, about 30 seconds after hitting publish on my last post, Amanda Webb sent me an inked draft of some art for Enchantments of Black Tokyo.

Her image depicts the Herskin and Deep Pulse Armors, which are magical symbiotes and mid/high level artifacts that have been in Black Tokyo from the beginning. They're basically similar to the Witchblade or Guyver unit- wierd ass bio-mechanisms that bond with a host- and since it's Black Tokyo, you fuck these devices to activate their power.

I've not had original art for either artifact before, and commissioned Amanda to put together something.  About a week or two ago she sent me a rough image of this- pencils, and the final 'panel' depicts the characters in armored form charging into battle. Than she went on (with my full understanding and approval, mind) to do some urgent commissions for another publisher who needed some art immediately. So this week, she went back to the BTU stuff.

As you can see, in the final image, the transformed characters aren't charging into battle. You've got these freaky looking monster-people, who sorta look like Kamen Rider as designed by HR Geiger (RIP, dude) just fucking on the page. Creepy crab person monster sex.

It's actually a very creepy image, and I fucking love it.
I'm glad she was able to step away for a little bit and then come back with an image that actually disturbed me a little bit when I opened the file. This is what Black Tokyo should be.

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