Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ending the Year with Monsters

 Well, 2014 is coming to an end. As always, my goal is 52 products in a year, or an average of one a year. This year, as I have for the last few, I've fallen short. I ended up with 30 releases for the year, including some mammoth books, like Closed: Monsters of the Army of God, Heavy Future and Heavy Weapons, and Enchantments of Black Tokyo.

All those books topped 200 pages, and were fairly complex to lay out. The last three books of 2014 are bestiaries. Dark Star Bestiary, volumes one and two, are for Heavy Future, while Horrors of the Lifechain is Otherverse America focused.

I wrote the books near simultaneously. In the two Dark Star Bestiary sourcebooks, I began revising the Lifechained creatures of 2008's Guide to the Known Galaxy, and I collected and expanded on that material in Horrors of the Lifechain. I've been wanting to revise Guide for several years now, but it's such an art intensive project, I've not been able to budget it. Instead of one mega-book, Horrors is the first volume in a series of revamp sourcebooks; when I get around to volume two of Horrors, you'll see more Lifespawn monsters, including the ones I couldn't fit into book one and sooner or later I'll do a Lifechained powers book with a focus on abilities available to player characters.

Anyway, Horrors of the Lifechain is a great way to end the year. Closed was the first release of 2014, and the last release is also a weighty bestiary for the Otherverse America campaign setting.

I've focused almost exclusively on Heavy Future and Black Tokyo this year. Expect the focus on Black Tokyo to continue into 2015; the Black Bestiary will be coming out soon,and I'm also working on a pretty big soucebook focusing on Idol Singers (and bardic/media type characters in general).

However, expect me to revisit Otherverse America pretty heavily. I finally want to go through and make it fully Pathfinder compatible. Hey, if you've gamed in Otherverse America campaigns, send me an email. I'd love to hear what you did with the world, and what (if any) changes you'd like to see, either mechanically or in terms of world flavor.

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Andrew Antolick said...

Happy Holidays/Winter Solstice, to you and your works.

First off, I am wowed by the new Nemesis artwork, very primordial with no easily defined form of gender. I the bile scream is one of my top five breath weapons. I am ready to get the next bestiaries when released.

Now with Othervese America getting kicked into the second abortion war, no one will come out without scars. The culmination of the war could lead the utter obliteration of the United States landmass. No America, only the Otherverse to find themselves in the galaxy. When people can destroy cities, entire land masses are just the next rung on the ladder.

Hoping for 2016 to be the year of Endara, the setting is begging to be explored. All art aside, could there be previews of what this kitchen sink from the ether could affect the balance of the Otherverse/world's tree?

Best Wishes and go easy on Artemis in the end, she can be freed from the cycle of violence and lead others out.

rainswept said...
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