Friday, November 28, 2014

Second Black Bestiary Art Preview: Four Horrors

Black Friday, Black Tokyo artwork.

Pictured are four work in progress images of various critters from the Black Bestiary. At top left, you've got a Tottori Horror, clockwise from it is the Dofoku, the Peach Idol and the H-Child. Of them all, only the Peach Idol is a potential allly. The Tottori Horror is an implacable physical threat, the Dofoku is an undead master-manipulator, and the H-Child is a seductress type.

It's been a good year for Bestiaries for me.
I've uploaded two monster books to Mark for immediate release, both focusing on Heavy Future. We're working on a combined, full color print on demand version of the three volume Nemesis Bestiary series, with new content. Hopefully that'll be available before the first of the year or early in the spring. Right now I'm revising the monsters from Guide to the Known Galaxy to make them fully Pathfinder compatible, and having a ton of fun doing it.I've revised like 12 of the 17 or 18 critters in the Guide to the Known Galaxy, and added a handful more. I expect this Lifespawn specific bestiary to top 40-50 beasties before all's said and done. I've got a ton of art for it, already, commissioned stuff I've been gathering in the background over the last couple years, in addition to some good stock and some re-purposed art.

Beyond just monster books, John and I are going to do a soucebook for Idol Singers and bards in general in Black Tokyo after Black Bestiary hits. That's another one that should be fun, and will be one of the many books that leads into the eventual cyberpunk Black Tokyo content we both want to explore in 2015.

Also, speaking of Black Friday, I just saw the news this morning, and there's a national protest going on. If you can avoid it, don't do your shopping today, put it off for a week or so. The intent is to showcase the purchasing power of black Americans, and their rightful rage after the Furgeson bullshit. Anyway, I don't know the race of any of you readers, but I' do know that most of you care about justice, at least to the extent you read RPGs about badass pro-choice pagans fighting evil. So if you can, stay home today- my white ass is doing so.


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