Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last Post of 2014, First Big Book of 2015

Finally, after working on it throughout most of 2014, Black Bestiary is done! Expect it on sale very soon.

I laid it out starting at around 8 pm last night, and ended sometime around 9 am this morning. Exhausting but rewarding- this is a huge, very comprehensive and art-heavy monster book. It's also very plot-hook heavy- every creature here suggests a story line or three. There are several groups of themed and inter-related enemies, each of which suggests a specific campaign style. All the creatures you've seen in various Black Tokyo sourcebooks appear, and are joined by dozens of new monsters, many of which fill in the gaps or round out the monstrous 'ecosystem' suggested by Black Tokyo Unlimited.

Also I want to get the word out about this book, so anybody who wants a review copy, please email me a request.


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