Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blacker and Blacker

Well, the first book of 2015 is one of my biggest, prettiest, and most complex to date: Black Bestiary is up! Go buy it!

Here's some of the artwork inside- the top image are the low rez approval images Anthony Cournoyer did for several critters. If you have Black Tokyo Unlimited, you might recognize several of these monsters from that sourcebook, which either went unillustrated or were illustrated by stock art. Included are major villians Taru Tsuyoi and the Shingami, as well as some lower level threats.

The next image is by John Picot, illustrating a new monster called a Ho-Masubi; basically a very nasty, undead fire elemental.

There's a lot more to see in Black Bestiary. Pick it up, and please, leave some reviews. I want to  get the word out far and wide about this awesome, and very unconventional monster collection.

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