Saturday, January 24, 2015

Semi-Play Testers Wanted: Feats for Black Tokyo

Well, first I'll put out an update of what I expect to be working on throughout the first months of 2015.

Last month, John Picot sent me several ideas for an Idol Singer-centric soucebook for Black Tokyo. These ideas morphed into a more general sourcebook about life in Akihabara, Tokyo's central entertainment and shopping district. As soon as I gather up all the needed art,  expect a 100 pager sourcebook that combines location-book, character-options book and mini-bestiary into one very fun whole entitled Black Tokyo: Electric Town.

Also, I'm about 80% done with the writing on a sourcebook expanding on the Ukemochi Ranch- the cannibal cattle ranch detailed in Black Tokyo Unlimited and elaborated on via a few of the monsters in Black Bestiary. This one will delve pretty deeply into the squicky world of cannibal fetish and gynophagia, and is strange and creepy enough it's been very fun to write. Expect some utterly baddass new monsters too. This one will probably be titled Black Tokyo: Cannibal Japan.

On a slightly less positive note, I'm pretty much abandoning active support for the Psi-Watch Campaign Setting. I hardly ever do anything with the world these days, and prefer to direct my time and art budget to my other worlds. I've had a pretty solid race book, revised using Dreamscarred Press' Ultimate Psionics ruleset since last year, but I haven't been able to release it. This race book, entitled Black Operators, will likely be the last support for Psi-Watch.

So, About That Playtesting....
As I was working on the two Black Tokyo campaign guides, I realized I needed to modernize and expand on the feats available in the campagin setting. Basically I want to for the setting's feats what I did for its technology as I did with the Advanced Tech series.

As I was writing the statblcoks for Black Bestiary I realized that some of the feats could stand a bit more revision. Some, like Super Kawaii, were just too good. If you had a decent CHA modifier and were going to fight lightly armored, there was no reason NOT to take that feat. It's still kinda over powered, because I don't want to invalidate Black Bestiary, but I did clarify how the feat worked, utilizing the Near Nudity armor mechanic I introduced in The Advanced Armory. 

Others were just too weak. Moon Wise and its follow-on feats sucked, with  too many prerequisites for what they offered. Those will get revised upward a bit, in hopes of making them a bit more common to my monsters. Other feats got reflavored a bit to match the flavor text. The Wombscrape now requires an evil alignment, because what hero could ever justify using THAT particularly nasty power in battle? Conversely Innocence Restored now requires a good alignment.

Finally, some combat-oriented feats that technically weren't Combat feats, like Womanly Suffocation, get that tag, in hopes that more Fighters take them.

So do me a favor. If you've ever had questions or concerns about any of the feats, now's the time to address 'em. Send me your criticisms and suggestions at

You'll get playtester credit if you want it and a chance to influence a rather unique setting.

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