Sunday, January 25, 2015

That's....Unusual....But Awesome

I logged onto RPGnow today,y  and I noticed that one of my older works, D7ACU: The Scion of Masada was, initially the top small press seller. By the time I'd cashed out some royalties and posted a review (of Little Red Goblin's excellent Racial Guide 4), it had become the number one seller overall!

Holy shit!

I wrote Scion of Masada in 2007 or 2008, as part of my urban fantasy/supers Dept 7 Advanced Class Update line, well before I started building my own campaign worlds. I'm still proud of it, as it was a sound class mechanically, one that still holds up 5+ years later, and it had a ton of flavor. The class was basically a knife-fighting MOSSAD badass, and probably my proudest moment was when a fellow game designer, who himself was an Orthodox Jew, praised it, and said he enjoyed it. He felt it was a respectful and fun, action-movie style take on his heritage.

Anyway, years and years late, Scion of Masada is number one again. I didn't expect that, but sweet!
If you liked Scion, check out some of my other D7ACU stuff, it'll definitely make Mark Cathro happy.I recommend the Innocent, Neo-Witch Guardian, Perfect Archer, and Macromorph; those are the best of the lot, I think. The Sentai Spectrum Ranger was pretty strong, but the follow on expansions I did, Sentai Strike and Sentai Sequel were better.

Also check out my newer stuff, especially Black Bestiary, if you need horrible monsters for your Scion of Masada to carve up with his daggers.


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