Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Art Preview: Electric Town

Well, one of the consequences of the new job, aside from the fact I've got a fully stocked fridge and new softgoods and kitchenware for the first time in forever, is that I can spend more on artwork for my projects.

Today, I thought I'd preview some of the art for Electric Town that Amanda Webb is producing. One of the things I hadn't done previously was include a loli-con element in Black Tokyo, though I knew to do justice to the genre I'd have to include it sooner or later. One thing I did want to do was capture the sheer beauty of the artwork of Oyari Ashito. (That's one of his relatively few work-safe images up top.) The guy has some serious issues, and if you do an image search for more art by him, you'll see EXACTLY what I mean, but damn, he can draw.

So I homaged his artwork with the Oyari Musical Academy, since Black Tokyo: Electric Town is very much a bard book. I sent Amanda some reference images, and as always she knocked it out the park. I love the way she drew the female violinist's face- it has that unique shape and proportion that Oyari gives his women. Anyway, I'm always amazed that Amanda captures little details like that.

In addition to the art for Electric Town I was able to get Anthony Cournoyer to do some images for Psi-Watch: Black Operators. He'll be illustrating some of the more unique creatures of that setting: The Boxers, The Anvil and the flame-based Neon.

I also hired Vic Shane to do some more work for me. I'd been wanting to work with him again since Kodiak Island came out, and he'll be designing several robots for Battlechangers: Ironworks.

Look for lots of previews, including some of the amazing art John Picot has already turned in for Black Operators, next time.

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