Monday, March 16, 2015

Upcoming Art: John's Psi-Watch Heroes

By the time you read this, Black Tokyo: Electric Town will be up for sale. It topped 100 pages, and is the first big release post Black Bestiary and Enchantments of Black Tokyo. It's miles and miles of adventure hooks and intriguing NPCs and problems, homages to lolicon anime and other odd Easter eggs hidden in the text. (Can you spot the two allies of the goddess Benten? They're in there somewhere.)

It should be a fun sourcebook, and a real showcase for excellent art by John Picot and Amanda Webb, some of which I've previewed here. Anthony had relatively little to do with this book, which will change in upcoming projects.  In any case, Electric Town is a very pretty book, and my future releases will be equally attractive.

To prove it, some of the art John's already provided me for the up-coming Psi-Watch bestiary (as yet untitled). Take a look. Three of these images riff on some of the most recognizable heroes of the Image Era of comics: there's a great mutant super-cop inspired by Savage Dragon and an American Indian weather manipulator easily recognizable to Gen 13 fans. The top right most image depicts Delamorte, a Graverobber assassin of John's own design,  who'll become a key setting opponent. She looks great, and John has provided several renders of her in action, and she'll end up playing a role similiar to the awesome and underrated Cyberforce bad-girl Killjoy, a fast, mobility focused fighter. (Those who both bought Closed and read this comic might also spot similarities between this character and the 16th Ghost of Babies Past...I actually based Ghost 16 on Killjoy when I was designing that character.)

The last image was just John playing around with textures and costume coloration, his modification of a standard Poser techno-priestess model, but I'll end up using it in the Choicer feat book. It neatly illustrates one of the feats in the book.

Anyway, that's what's on deck.
Next time, I'll talk more about my upcoming Battlechangers: Ironworks book, and preview some of the mechanics of that race. As always, if you want to playtest, send me an email at the address above.

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