Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some Upcoming Artwork

Well, Black Operators is up and seems to be selling well. It was a very fun sourcebook to produce and really reignited my passion for the campaign setting. Today, I want to preview some art for upcoming books and discuss my upcoming publishing strategy, at least as far as the next two-three books goes.

I've just received the last necessary artwork for Black Tokyo: Electric Town and will begin laying that book out either today or tomorrow morning, after my next shift. That sourcebook should be ready for sale sometime this weekend; I expect it to to be in the 100 page range, and a great follow up to Enchantments of Black Tokyo and Black Bestiary. This is the first big BT release after those two mega-sourcebooks. Some of the content you've already seen, in the new feats and traits presented in Black Feats, as I was working on the two books simultaneously, and was able to get Black Feats out first.

Next, I'll gather up all the necessary artwork for Battlechangers: Ironworks and lay that bad boy out. Expect that huge, Transformers-style race book in a few more weeks. I will later support Pathfinder Battlechangers with a dedicated mid-length bestiary, but that's not going to be until later in the year. I think I'll reference Battlechangers a lot in the coming months; consider this the first sourcebook in the long-awaited Masters of Endara campaign setting, because I fully expect there to be Battlechanger characters in that world, all of which transform into MOTU-style vehicles. (Also,if you bought the Mantids sourcebook last year, consider thatMasters of Endara canon as well.)

I also plan to support Battlechangers in Black Tokyo, and make it central to John Picot's desire to include more high-tech and cyberpunk elements in the line. I mention a riff on KISS Players in Battlechangers, but keep things pretty G-rated in Ironworks. Expect me to go farther in a future Battlechanger/Black Tokyo sourcebook. I also expect this upcoming Battlechangers/Black Tokyo book to be absolutely filled with in-jokes and homages to Japanese-exclusive Trans-fandom and mecha anime in general. I had intended to do a Project GILGAMESH soucebook which was basically NERV with the serial numbers filed down, but now imagine a sourcebook that's equal parts Transformers, Evangelion, Strike Witches and Gundam. Yeah, that's coming sometime this spring or summer, and should be tons of fun.

So what art do I have to preview?
Today, it's three images: two rough proposal sketches from Vic Shane and a finished piece by Amanda Webb.

The Vic Shane sketches will be illustrating Battlechangers: Ironworks, and the top image is a heroic Freegear robot (think: Autobot), and the bottom image depicts an evil Tyrakron (Decepticon by another name) warrior. The top guy sorta reminds me of Trailbreaker or Hound, as requested, while the bottom has a Bludgeon vibe. Very cool in both cases. I'll be showcasing the inked and colored images soon.

Between them, you've got Amanda Webb's piece, which illustrates a Cityborn psychic warrior. Knowing her love of the Marvel comics character X-Man (serious, he is like her favorite superhero ever) I asked her to do an image that called to mind the awesome Warren Ellis/Ariel Oliverti version of the character, and she did great. This guy won't be seen for a while, but he'll eventually end up in a future Psi_Watch Besitary, along with other art, both old and new, from John Picot and Anthony Cournoyer.

Next time,  I'll preview some of John Picot's new artwork, which will be gracing some future Otherverse America and Black Tokyo sourcebooks.


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