Saturday, January 2, 2016

First 2016 Release: Weapons of Rock and Roll

Well, as of about 20 minutes ago, I've published my first PDF of the New Year. Weapons of Rock and Roll is out, and should be a fairly fun little sourcebook. I'll be referencing it often in future Heavy Future releases, as well as a few Black Tokyo products.

I felt I needed to do a stand alone sourcebook of all the Musical weapons and music-tech gear and traits, separate from either campaign core book, because of its relative length. There's a lot of content here, and putting it in its own short sourcebook made sense to me.

Next up is going to be Heavy Races, the race book for Heavy Future, which should be POD as well as PDF. I'm going to be laying that out starting Monday or Tuesday and should have it up for sale by the end of the week in PDF form, and in POD format soon thereafter.

Hope 2016 is kinder than 2015 was,


Nova Sakigake said...

David Bowie died. So far 2016 is shit.

Andrew Antolick said...

Add in the mass sexual assault in Cologne, Germany and I agree.

Since Five Brave Souls is the animated series of Otherverse Choicers, I've come up with some ideas for each American territory.

Alive From Lars: After Super Mom loves Doffy, this animated series is popular for getting Enclave kids into science and its positive depiction of Nanofeasters and Neverborn. The series revolves around the protagonist Lars hunting down Exo-Eggs that contain the last of various alien species from an intersteller preserve. He gathers them to keep them out of the exploitation of Brazos Carmesí or Crimson Arms.

Class of 40K: A class of APEX recruits are transported to a mega structure the size of a star after evacuating a dying planet. It is populated by the remains of various literature worlds. This series often uses pre-abortion war science fiction to act as history lessons and show kids of a secular time when the library was not divided into red and purple with a shelf in the back for everyone else.

As of 2105, a few fandoms have shipped Sophie of 5BS and Lars from AFL, because of the massive reveal that both live in a shared universe and of the occasional crossover. It really gained steam with the release of the recent 5BS movie Restoration of H.