Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Next Project: Assault Witch Campaign Book

Well, I know what my next book's gonna be.

After releasing Heavy Races, I decided to take a look at what's ready or close to ready for release. As I reviewed all the content I've created for Black Tokyo to date and went through it I realized I had already written roughly 100 pages of content related to a Strike Witches inspired campaign frame-work.

(That's one of the things that's most fun about Black Tokyo, to me as a designer. It's a sprawling sand box world with so fucking many crazy anime homages, you can frame your home BT campaign around virtually anything, just pick a direction and storyline your group enjoys and run with it. )

Anyway, logistically and financially, putting out this as-yet-unnamed Assault Witches campaign guide make sense. I've already got a bunch of usable art but anything new I commission for this sourcebook can feed back into the eventual racial/char-gen sourcebook and the POD version of Enchantments of BTU, both of which will be massive, extremely art heavy (and thus expensive) products to put out.

Anyway, I mentioned last year I did an Assault Witch cavalier archetype which will form the centerpiece of this source book, and I'll follow up on that in future previews.

Should be a fun ride,


Chris said...

Looking forward to it!

Chris said...
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