Friday, January 22, 2016

Upcoming: The Modern Grimorie POD and Heavy Races

First up, happy 43rd anniversary of Roe vs Wade.

Second, I've just sent a copy of the POD edition of the Modern Grimorie to Mark. He'll put together a print cover and set up the POD version of this book. While I was waiting for the last few pieces of art for Heavy Races, I decided to work on this sourcebook.

Modern Grimorie POD topped out at about 70 pages, and is a pretty dramatic expansion of the original PDF version. It includes a bunch of new spells, as well as all my existing space-focused and sci-fi oriented spells from Heavy Future, various Otherverse America releases, and other books. I left out a bunch of the setting specific stuff, but there's still something like 200 new sci-fi and modern arcana spells in here. I expect this to be a softcover, magazine style release, and should be available as a POD book in a week or two.

Tonight, I'm going to start laying out Heavy Races. I'm looking forward to it- have been for a while. Right now, the manuscript stands at 23 awesome, grungy sci-fi races all with a really unique feel to them. I've previewed some of the human races: the Leather Clones and Afro-Futurists here before, so if you liked that, I think the final product will be pretty entertaining.

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