Saturday, June 18, 2016

More Black Tokyo Goodness

Hey, everybody, today I thought I'd preview some just released and upcoming Black Tokyo content.

First off, I've just released a new, 25-page collection of magic items for the setting entitled Back to School in Black Tokyo. This short collection is all about enchanted school uniforms, related weapons and magical items. It's a fun, quick sourcebook, which serves as a nice preview for the upcoming Enchantments of Black Tokyo Vol 2. The cover to this one is by Amanda Webb: I reused the image I comissioned of the Free Neko character (who you'll meet in Black Bestiary II) for the cover art.

Next, take a look at the cover art for Black Bestiary II, by John Picot. I'm waiting on four outstanding pieces of artwork, and then I'll put out this huge bestiary. I expect this one to top 175 pages, a little smaller than the first volume, but still pretty weighty and content-rich. 

Finally, John always sends me tons of random artwork that I pick through at my leisure and use for various projects whenever inspiration strikes. He honestly sends me more art than I can use some times. One of the images he sent was a Godzilla-esque monster, which I we both agreed belonged in Black Bestiary II. The only question was what to do with this creature, especially since Paizo already published a very passable Godzilla homage in their Pathfinder Bestiary IV. 

After playing around with the image for a while, I ended up building a very powerful Kaiju which incorporates a little of Godzilla plus a whole lot of Final Fantasy's Bahumet. He's a fun, epic-level threat.

Take a look at Ultimus the Unmaker, who will be one of the most powerful new monsters in Black Bestiary II, and certainly a worthy addition to named villains like the Ubume Empress or Taru Tsuyoi. 


Kaiju, Ultimus the Unmaker – CR 28
Colossal NE Dragon (extraplanar, kaiju)
XP 4,915,200
Init +5 Senses Lowlight vision, Darkvision 120 ft, see in darkness, true seeing, Perception +           
Languages Draconic, Infernal, Japanese

AC 42 Touch 16 Flatfooted 40 (-8 size, +1 DEX, +1 dodge, +26 natural, +12 deflection*)
HP 61d12+427 hp (824 HP)
Damage Reduction 20/epic
FORT +44 REF +29 WILL +34
Immune critical hits*, ability damage, ability drain, death effects, disease, energy drain, fear, radiation
Resist Electricity 20, Fire 20, Force 15
Spell Resistance 32
Weaknesses Reincarnation Vulnerability

Spd 120 ft, Swim 240 ft 
Melee two +74 claws (2d12+20 slashing, 20/x4) plus +74 bite (4d12+30 piercing, 20/x5 plus swallow whole)
Ranged +55 entropic fire (6d12 entropy*, 20/x4, 1000 ft maximum range)
Special Attacks Hurl Foe, Swallow Whole (6d12 entropy*, AC 36, HP 82)
Special Qualities Amphibious, Ferocity, Massive, Recovery
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 61st Concentration +66) 
Special (when summoned) – Reproductive Apocalypse (F-DC 26)
Special (when reduced to 0 HP) – Planet Killer

Str 51 Dex 13 Con 43 Int 9 Wis 22 Cha 18
Base Atk +61 CMB +89 CMD 100
Feats Assume Ultimus the Unmaker can perform any Combat feat desired, due to his immortality, rage and sheer innate power.  
Skills Climb +84, Intimidate +89, Perception +49, Sense Motive +29, Survival +70, Swim +92

Environment any land or aquatic (native to the Black Else)
Organization solitary and unique
Treasure standard (in lair)

Special Abilities
Entropic Fire (SU)
The flames shrouding Ultimus the Unmaker and boiling in his blood are pure, primal entropy- the energy of unmaking. Energy resistance and immunity do not apply to Ultimus the Unmaker’s entropic fire ranged attack, nor against the damage inflicted by his swallow whole. A target reduced to 0 HP by these attacks is completely disintegrated, along with all their gear. Creatures slain in this manner can only be returned to life by the direct intervention of a deity.

These colorless fires surround Ultimus the Unmaker providing the creature with a deflection bonus to Armor Class.

Extraplanar (SU)
Though not an Outsider, Ultimus the Unmaker is considered an extraplanar creature on all planes aside from the Black Else. The creature is vulnerable to banishment and similar effects.

Price of the Summoning (SU)
Any being desperate enough, or furious enough to summon Ultimus the Unmaker from its icy coffin will pay the ultimate price. All members of the summoner’s ethnicity/nation or faith are affected by Reproductive Apocalypse (F-DC 26 negates), including the summoner himself. This ability affects the creature that turns the last of the five keys that would free the creature- he is considered the beast’s summoner.

Reincarnation Vulnerability (SU)
Ultimus the Unmaker is especially vulnerable to the actions of heroes with souls strong enough to remember their prior mortal incarnations. Characters who possess the Reincarnate feat can inflict critical hits against Ultimus the Unmaker.

Ultimus Flare (SU)
If the great dragon, Ultimus the Unmaker is ever defeated, the heavens themselves cry out in shock. When Ultimus the Unmaker is reduced to 0 HP and its Recovery special quality activates, this power also activates.

The nearest star to the planet upon which Ultimus the Unmaker was defeated upon erupts in a storm of lethal radiation. This functions as Planet Killer, targeted at the planet of the dragon’s defeat, striking the planet after Ultimus the Unmaker’s defeat. If Ultimus the Unmaker can be truly slain within before this period elapses, the Planet Killer is aborted.

Ultimus the Unmaker is a primal dragon- personification of entropy itself, of the end of all things. The great dragon is eternally dead, trapped in a coffin of ebony ice somewhere on a distant shore of the Black Else. The ice is a prison, a trap of absolute, cosmic zero- it can be melted and shattered if special obsidian keys are placed in obsidian locks and turned in proper sequence. The location of both the dragon’s prison, as are the locations of many of these keys, yet the Unmaker has only arisen to rampage a handful of times in the Multiverse’s long history. The Ubume Empress holds one such key, the Amakaze Executive board another, the Emperor of Japan yet another. Another obsidian key rests forgotten in a long abandoned temple in the Indian jungles, while others are scattered throughout the Three Realms and amongst the dreams of men and demons.

There are five locks on Ultimus the Unmaker’s coffin; five of the many obsidian keys, each wielded by a different hand must be placed within the ice-rimmed locks. The being that turns the fifth and final key, that completes the dark ritual of liberating the behemoth is considered its summoner, and he can command the Unmaker, or at least guide the creature’s endless rage. However, the curse bound to the Unmaker’s prison dooms the summoner, and the entirety of his race to extinction. This price, too, is well known.

When freed, Ultimus the Unmaker destroys everything, on a brutal path of annihilation carved out of the Multiverse, appearing on a plane of its summoner’s choice. It attacks the enemies of its summoner, their assets and people slightly ahead of other targets, but eventually, it destroys all things. When the great dragon eventually annihilates the world upon which it stands, it drifts through the void for a time, before it fades from the Multiverse to reappear within its primordial, freezing tomb.

Ultimus the Unmaker is a truly enormous dragon, with a mass greater than the entirety of many smaller Japanese towns. The creature is saurian, with a body similar to a tyrannosaur or other great sauropod. The Unmaker’s eyes are intelligent and malicious, taking a grim pleasure in genocide and wanton destruction.

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