Thursday, June 9, 2016

Quick Art Preview: Black Bestiary II and Psi-Threats Vol III

I'm at work on my break so it won't be a long post, but I thought I'd preview some of the art for a couple of upcoming Bestiaries.From the top, we have an Akaname adventurer, who will show up in the revised race book and probably a future edition of Black Bestiary, by Amanda Webb.

Then, take a look at a psionic superhero in an X-Men esque costume by John Picot. I will either use her to illustrate either the Augmentus character or the Mutant Rescue Expert character in an upcoming Psi-Watch Bestiary.

After that, John Picot's illustration of the Codeword character, the mechanics of which you saw a preview of in my last post.

Next, you've got an inked sketch of a new monster called a Kappa of Blades from Black Bestiary II, by Vic Shane. The Kappa of Blades is a lot closer to the mythological version of the Kappa than Paizo's version, and as you can see from the illustration, he's going to be a fun, tough fight.

After the Kappa, take a first look at a major new setting villain for Psi-Watch, our Apocalypse analogue, Nyarlahotep the Obsidian Pharaoh. Adding a little Cthullu Mythos to Psi-Watch worked out really well, and opened up some interesting design space.

Next, you've got a rough sketch of the Road Dancer Mecha by Vic Shane. This light powered armor is inspired by the Knight Sabers & the Motoslave from Bubblegum Crisis, and will be appearing in Black Bestiary II.

Finally, Sekhmet Ammt makes the jump from the
Action Galaxy setting into Psi-Watch as the time-warping, ultra-manipulative power behind Nyarlahotep and his entire, pseudo-Egyptian faction. This illustration is John Picot's, and all these new baddies take advantage of the assortment of Egyptian flavored props & costume components he's got.

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