Monday, June 27, 2016

The Black Bestiary II Now On Sale!

As promised, Black Bestiary II is now on sale at RPGnow!

The book topped out at about 175 pages of very dense content with an initial 20 dollar cover price. Those of you who got a preview copy from me will see a slightly different book than originally intended. I removed a handful of monsters from the book simply because I hadn't purchased art for them, and the creatures were so visually unusual they couldn't be illustrated with stock. I'd already spent a ton commissioning art for BB II, so I decided to hold off a handful of creatures (Hell's Bozukuzo, Ramat Sect Hammer Loli, the Rice Taker and Snapping Maw Woman)  for inclusion in the eventual BB III. Yes, I'm already beginning work on a third bestiary for this absolutely freaky, super controversial setting! I'll preview some of these cut monsters in a later post.

I did however, add several new monsters not included in preview drafts, including the Adventuring Akaname, Smilodon Risk Cat-Girl and Landmate POETICA... the Landmate POETICA is one I really enjoyed doing, and fits well with my Assault Witch characters. Her genesis was simple- she was one of many illustrations John Picot sent a few months back. I must have just skimmed her, went on to the next thing, because I rediscovered the illustration last week and was blown away. Holy shit, here's the perfect militaristic mecha-musumune character to add to the book.

Here's the sales text from BB II, so you can see what you're going to be getting.

The Black Bestiary II is the second major bestiary for the adults-only, hentai-horror Black Tokyo Campaign Setting. Together the two volumes of this series detail and describe more than 200 new creatures for the world, some drawn from folklore and history, others inspired by some of anime’s most iconic heroes, villains and monsters.

Black Bestiary II conjures a host of terrifying new creatures that fill out the post-apocalyptic ecosystem of the Tottori Sand Dunes… takes an expanded look at the loathsome Rape Pure Tournament and it’s lethal, sexually predatory brawlers… and introduces the enigmatic, bio-mechanical Abyss to the Japan’s deadly skies.

High technology meets ancient horror, as several new models of gigantic Mecha stride the land and adaptable, alien Battlechangers wage a hidden war in Black Tokyo’s crowded, teeming mega-cities. Cannibalistic horrors like the Azukibabaa Chef and the Gakido Walker feed on the flesh of innocent women and children. Selfish sexual predators such as the darkly comedic Moe Collector, sadistic yet seemingly mundane Mortal Sex Criminals, or the shadow-dancing lust-murderer codenamed Boy Alpha stalk the shadows and kill at their leisure. Legendary monstrosities like the Shikome carry out The Ubume Empress’ dark designs for the Earth Realm.

Low level creatures like the hatefully jealous Black Issunboshi, or the extremely variable Oni Dreg, one of the vast hordes of Hell, challenge low level adventurers. Veteran demon-hunters can chase feral Gaki through the neon-lit Tokyo night, or cross swords with the insufferably arrogant Kappa of Blades. Meanwhile, highly experienced champions can risk themselves against the unholy might of bizarre new Kaiju unique to Black Japan: an endlessly hungry train that serves pitiless masters… a dragon that can crack the planet in half upon its death… or the legendary, earthquake-birthing Namazu itself.

Get ready. 

Nice, huh? Leave me some comments here, let me know what you think.


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