Sunday, December 4, 2016

Nemesis Unleashed

Guys, I just uploaded Nemesis Unleashed at at $9.99. It should pop up on the main-page within a few minutes. I had a ton of fun writing this project, as I waited for needed artwork to come in on other projects. In a lot of ways, Nemesis Unleashed was a fun 'slump-buster' for me- I put out 43 new critters, didn't have to put forward a lot of money for original art, though I ended up with a great looking book.

I'm going to do a fantasy magic item book I think, soon after I finally put out my Black Tokyo char-gen book.

Anyway, from the sales text for Nemesis Unleashed:

Nemesis Unleashed is the fourth volume in the Nemesis creature series. Like the first three volumes, this sourcebook creates more than 40 unique horrors from interesting stock art. The formatting is changed up a little bit, providing more concrete information on these monsters.
This volume also goes a little darker than the first three, exploring more mature themes familiar to readers of my Black Tokyo and Otherverse America campaigns. Some creatures here-in wield mind-destroying, will-sapping Pleasure damage, a perverse energy type first introduced in the Black Tokyo campaign setting. The villains are viler: rapists, murders and cannibals abound, all well-prepared for your heroes’ swords.
Nemesis Unleashed introduces more than forty new horrors, from the inbred and sexually predatory Dark-Kin (complete with creepy banjo music), the Snowfire Deer, harbinger of winter, all the way to the majestic Pontiff Dragon and the campaign-defining Emperor of the Burning Eye, inspired by one of literature’s greatest fantasy villains. Heroes might charge into battle atop an adorable Riding Bantam steed or cross swords and wits with a tricksy, trapsy Tucker.
Threats by Challenge Rating 
This alphabetic list of creatures in this sourcebook is divided by challenge rating.
Challenge Ratings Below CR 1
Dark-Kin (CR &frac;12;), Murr (CR &frac;12;)
Challenge Rating 1
Privy Worm, Riding Bantam, Riotblood, Tucker, Wax Ghoul, Workhouse Princess
Challenge Rating 2
BlackMustard Croaker, Wotter
Challenge Rating 3 
Monstrance, Tide Horror, Whipsling
Challenge Rating 4 
Cactarine, Capricorn Archon, Rotwing
Challenge Rating 5 
Blitzwyrm, Ordinary Reaper, Paper Dragon
Challenge Rating 6 
Ironbelly, Perch, Pygmalion Sculpture
Challenge Rating 7
Menstrum, Snowfire Deer
Challenge Rating
Harem Daughter, Janker, Stormdrummer Ape
Challenge Rating 9 
Wolf of Age
Challenge Rating 10
Inserpentis, Treadnaught
Challenge Rating 11 
Harem Master, Rebel Spirit
Challenge Rating 12 
War King
Challenge Rating 13 
Challenge Rating 15 
Maternis Angel
Challenge Rating 16
Gilded Necromancer, Mother of Abominations, Scab Dragon
Challenge Rating 18 
Scrimshaw Dragon
Challenge Rating 20
Forge Master
Epic Threats (CR 21+) 
Emperor of the Burning Eye (CR 28), Kingdom of Entrails (CR 26), Pontiff Dragon (CR 23) 

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