Monday, December 19, 2016

New Picot Artwork

 Hey guys, I thought I'd preview some art I just received from John Picot. Some of these pieces will be found in the upcoming Blackest of Heroes, and others will find their way into Enchantments of Black Tokyo II.

Up top, we've got  a racial illustration for the Dhampir player race. In the second row, two men from the setting's Maebashi High Tech University- badass bishonen techno-mancer types, who'll show up in EBTU2. The kissing catgirl & android image will be used as a spot illustration in the feats/powers chapter of Blackest of Heroes.

Finally, the last image is going into the Heavy Future spell/item book. I told John to give me a riff on the iconic image of Freddy Mercury and he delivered.

Expect some big releases within the next few weeks.

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