Sunday, May 14, 2017

Upcoming: The Heavy Grimorie

 Well, over the past couple weeks, I've been working quietly on a variety of projects. The first one you'll see is the upcoming Heavy Grimorie. This one's going to be a nice big sourcebook containing spells and magic items for my Heavy Future campaign setting. To the right is Amanda Webb's cover for the book: I'll design the title art later this afternoon and begin laying this mid-length sourcebook out. Expect Heavy Grimorie out by the end of the week!

Here is the introductory paragraph and sell text for Heavy Grimorie. 

The Heavy Grimorie is all about the magic of the far-off, fucked up future.

Many of the spells from Technology Unleashed are often wielded by the Heavy Future’s spacers, smugglers and star-pirates, and several of the magic items in this sourcebook are built with high-tech or space-related spells like boarding lock, BFG, and machine invisibility. Technology Unleashed’s spells were built for any high-tech space fantasy setting, while the weirder, wilder and darker spells found in The Heavy Grimorie are well…just a bit heavier. You’ve got spells that screw with gender and pleasure, summon some doses of pretty hardcore space-drugs, transform the caster into a sex-bot, you turn you into a hardrock, leather clad demigod.

After the spells, let’s talk magic items. Inside you’ll find a variety of drugs, blasters, enchanted guitars, and other sleezy, low-down and dirty magic items. Everybody in the 46th Century’s smoking Glow, so why not enchant a joint with strange powers? Everybody’s fuckin’ and truckin’ around the galaxy, so expect to find a Dr. Youp branded magic item dispenser in every space station rest room, selling a variety of semi-useful crap. Need to do some killing? How about blasters that fire weaponized orgasms or fiery guitars dedicated to the Cosmic Satanist cult?

The Heavy Grimoire collects and consolidates spells and items from Heavy Weapons and Even Heavier Weapons, though a few general purpose spells and items from those books found their way into Technology Unleashed and Occult-Tech Armory instead.

My next project is another one I'm doing purely at John Picot's urging. He wants to do a book all about LUCHADORES IN SPAAAAACE! Sort of if the adventures of Santo the Mexican Wrestler were written and drawn by Jack Kirby. He's already sent me a ton of kickass art and concepts. I've not really started writing it yet, just sketched out a few rough notes, but it's already turning into a fun little book. I have a feeling this as-yet-unnamed book will be the absolutely best kind of ridiculous, just sheer brainless fun. I'm shooting for a mid-length campaign guide, similar in layout and scope (if not theme) to Witches of the Blue Skies, from a few years back. This will probably be the next release after Heavy Grimorie, though if I get the art in first, I might put out a magic item book for Otherverse America, as a follow-up to Choicer Magick Book I. 

After all that, I've got a huge setting bestiary for the Psi-Watch Campaign Setting on deck. I've already got nearly 160 new critters statted up, only about 40 of which you've seen before. I've got about half the art I need for this book. I'll be previewing this book later in the week.

Looks like it'll be a fun summer,


Alex Corbett said...

When all that's done, have you thought about a class/archetype/etc book for Black Tokyo to compliment the races/cultural templates from Neon in the Dark? Think you could do a lot with archetypes (bosozoku as cavaliers, hanging maidens as goryohime oracles, etc).

Chris A. Field said...

I like the bosozuko as a cavalier archetype idea, but beside that one, I've only got one or two good, solid archetype ideas. I think, mechanically, I prefer to work with feats and talents as character customization options rather than class archetypes.