Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black Tokyo is coming to the PFRPG

A couple of nights ago, I started working on a PFRPG conversion of Black Tokyo. I plan to do a series of linked PDFs exploring the "Tatakama", a dark fantasy world that's basically the collective unconscious of Japan. The Tatakama was mentioned in the original Black Tokyo, as the place where all the monsters come from, but wasn't detailed very much. Black Tokyo was the focus of the story, of adventures.... the Tatakama is basically just a rationale for where all this weird shit comes from.

That changes with this set of releases. The Tatakama will become the default campaign world for Black Tokyo related material. The first book I'm going to do will be "Races of the Tatakama", which will convert 8-10 of the races from Black Tokyo and BT II over to PFRPG. I want a good mix of types, including one or two Undead player races for gamers to try out.

Right now, Races of the Tatakama will include:

The Akaname (shit eating undead)
The Bloodstrong Men (inbred demonhunters)
The Daughters of the Kirin (heroic unicorn girls)
The Dodoma (many eyed thieves)
The Futakuchi (two mouthed drill sergeant type women)
The Ironclub Oni (big, demonic bruiser types)
The Kitsune (shapeshifting foxes, tricksters)
The Tanuki (shapeshifting raccoon dogs with magic testicles)

I'm going to add 2 more to the book, but I'm not quite sure which races will add to the mix.

Anyway, I'm about 50% on the text, and art will come in quickly after that, so expect something soon. Do me a favor, leave me some comments arguing for (or against) the inclusion of any of BT's races. I'd love to hear some feed back.

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kuzonoha_1092 said...

Shit-eating undead? Raccoons with testicle magic? What the hell made you think this was a good idea?

The original BT was noteworthy only because it was so horrible and fucked up (encrusted shit armor? menstrual blood knives?). Japan is already a very disturbed place without your own sickfuckery being brought into the spotlight.