Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ubasti Micro-Sourcebook Upcoming

Right now, as I'm gathering up art for Guide to the Known Galaxy 2nd Edition, I'm working on a few minor projects.

Some of them: I'm working on some freelance spell collections for Louis Porter. Right now, I've got open documents detailing 100 new sorcerer/ wizard spells and 100 new cleric spells for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. That should be a good, fun seller for Louis. By the way, thanks to everybody who's buying Trade Routes, the caravan rule book I wrote for Louis. I didn't expect that one to sell as highly as it has.

Otherverse America is doing well, and I hope everyone who has bought a copy is using it in a game this weekend. If you are, send me some table stories, and if you're pulling ideas from the setting to use in other game worlds or other systems, let me know what you used. I'm always curious what my readers are doing with my products.

The image up top will, when colored, be the cover to a micro-sourcebook focusing on the Ubasti race. That should be a fun little sourcebook. Now, I've got to share something adorable Amanda told me. She said her daughter was watching her ink this piece and shared her opinion that the Ubasti are "good lions, not bad lions". What a bad lion is, I'm not exactly sure, but it was a cute quote.

Blessed Be,

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