Monday, September 5, 2011

Otherverse America: ON SALE NOW!

First and most important, the revised Otherverse America Core Rulebook, which includes over 400 pages of awesome, is available now at RPGnow! It just went up about a hour ago. The sale on pretty much every product for Otherverse America is also on going, so if there's something of mine you've been interested in, now is a great time to pick it up.

As I wait to see what you all think of the new OA core book, I'm putting together a revised version of one of my neatest sourcebooks, Guide to the Known Galaxy. I've been picking up some amazing art for it, replacing my scribbles in the original edition. I've already gathered a few pieces: the left image depicts an Arab spacer, working the asteroid belt. Near-Earth space will be getting a lot more attention, as you can tell from this kick ass image. Expect a ton of detail on the Asteroid Belt region, more plot hooks set on the the lunar state of Diana, and the Lifer free-city of Solomon Station, high in Jupiter's orbit.

On the right, one of the most unique and visually appealing monsters in the setting, the Valkyrie Type. These demi-goddess level adversaries are the cosmic servants of Roe Athene, and in addition to being fucking cool looking, they are deadly snipers with those rail guns of theirs. She, like most of the monsters, will be redesigned from the stats up, making them tougher, faster to GM and more fun (and challenging) to fight.

The races will also get stream-lined. The two most important alien races in the setting, the Stone Cutters and the Half Grey won't change much, though we'll find out more about their off-earth politics and lives. However, the 'lesser' races of the setting, the ones that don't quite have as iconic a role in my mind will get tweaked dramatically. I've been going through and cleaning up everything. The Dhale get new flavor text and some really cool new abilities, the Ejaw's multiple racial trait packages get cleaned up- I say more with a smaller and more consise word count. The Thrayce get slightly renamed, and instead of being "French Revolution" reptile aliens, they're now post-apocalyptic reptile aliens who nuked their own planet. I could go on and on, but I figure I'll preview some of this stuff later in the month.

Talk to you later, and hope you like the new Core Rulebook,

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