Saturday, September 10, 2011

Upcoming Micro-sourcebooks

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with Otherverse America now that the revised Core Rulebook is out.

Right now, I have two short sourcebooks focusing on various aspects of Choicer culture, one dealing with variant Ubasti breeds, and one focusing on medical equipment, for used by Neo-Witch Midwife characters. Those will be out in a few days.The rough sketch of the medical equipment micro-book's cover, by Vic Shane, is shown.

I’m still playing with the revised Guide to the Known Galaxy, but I find myself wondering about the format. Will it be one huge sourcebook, or a series of smaller PDFs each focusing on a particular galactic region, its adventuring sites and its inhabitants? Right now, I’m leaning toward the series of regional PDFs idea- it gives me more page count to work with, allowing me to get a bit more in-depth about each region.

One thing I know I will do: whatever sourcebook ends up including the Lifechained Bestiary will be presented in dual stat format, allowing awesome monsters like the Nemesis Hellraider, Scorpion Mirage, Hostage Taker and others to be used in both Pathfinder RPG and D20 Modern campaigns. Likewise, I want to include stats for using Genesis, Nemesis, Roe and Artemis as gods in a PFRPG campaign, with appropriate domains and new Lifechained sorcerer bloodlines. That should be A LOT of fun to work on.

Farther out, I want to a setting book on India, circa 2107. I almost completely ignored the region in the first book, only going back and giving India a bit of personality and page space in the revised Core Book. Now, I want to do something unique with the region. As I was planning the revamp of Otherverse America, I bought the first trade paperback of Devi (Virgin Comics) and it blew me away with how much beauty and dramatic potential Indian culture offers. Anyway, I see 22nd Century India as this utterly bizarre, post-human, high-tech, cyberpunk place. You’ve got the Indian government spending billions of dollars on national uplift programs to upgrade its citizens, this super high tech industry contrasted against a still poor rural population and some surpisingly primitive elements, even in 2107. I also want it to be the country where cyborgs from all over Earthspace come to get upgraded- you can buy shit in India that’s 20 years better than anywhere else, but with tech that cutting edge, who knows if it really works or not? I figure the India sourcebook will also be a kick-ass cyborg sourcebook and equipment manual.

I’m also going to put together a serious Lifer ‘army manual’, focusing heavily on the Lifer nations best trained soldiers- the ones they grow in secret on Kodiak Island. I want something as comprehensive as Palladium’s Coalition War Campaign sourcebook, or one of Games Workshop’s army books for Warhammer 40,000…. Lots of new feats and talent trees, cybernetics unique to the Lifer military, and some new classes reflecting the unique training the superhumans on Kodiak are given. I also want to stat out several of the Ghosts of Babies Past- a lineage of Lifer terrorists, the most powerful and fearsome of their kind- and offer suggestions on players wanting to build a current-gen Ghost as a player character.

Finally, I want to put out huge, comprehensive city books for the major cities of the setting: San Francisco/Aradia, The Federal Metroplex, Boston and Pensacola. Of course, that’s going to be a lot of work, and a lot of art, so the city books are pretty far down the line.

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