Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kodiak Island Nearing Completion

Over on the left is an illustration of the fearsome combat telekinetic codenamed Moonshot, one of the most powerful superhumans stationed on Kodiak Island. Image by John Picot.

I'm finalizing Kodiak Island. I added some nice easter-eggs to the script- including adding one particular fan's character to the setting. (As a note to other fans, if you ever want to see an character of yours featured as an NPC or something, just drop me a line in the comments or at my email: chrisfieldotherverse at hotmail dot com. It gives me a kick to do stuff like that for my fans.)

I'm also having a bit of fun with random creation charts. I've been reading alot of 'OSR' blogs regularly, and I'm coming around to their way of thinking: a good random encounter chart can tell you more about the setting than pages of flavor text. So expect random encounter charts that capture life within Kodiak Island, as well as random character builders that will let you build Lifer NPCs and civilians, low/midlevel Lifer soldiers, and famous Lifer squads. there's even a random chart to build the most infamous battles of the Abortion War. It's been tons of fun to write.

Anyway, expect it in another week or two.

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