Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Cool New Art from 'Manda & Vic

Okay, here's the cover pencils for
One Planet, One Power, the add-on to the Powered Hero basic class I've been talking about. As I asked, Amanda did a very traditional superhero cover treatment. (She told me, she is modeling the cover on Justice League of America #217), and I can see that, especally in the Superman-esque flight pattern of the foreground character.

Next, we have a completed image by Vic Shane, depicting a fully armored, and very badass looking Lifer soldier. This will be showing up in Ghosts & Promises: The Secrets of Kodiak Island.

After this, I'm going to have these two start doing some illustrations for Black Tokyo, some more Otherverse America stuff. Felipe Gaona just started on the cover to Frontlines of Choice, the abortion clinic management sim I mentioned last post.

It's been a good week, artwise.

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