Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So while I was looking up facts about the Doonesbury mess, I stumbled along this amazing blog:

This little beastie is a blog maintained by several current or former abortion providers and clinic staff. It's fascinating and inspiring. I start reading and find out tons of information I can use for my upcoming Frontlines of Choice sourcebook. And I've always seen abortion docs as heroes, but after reading a few pages of their lives, I am further awed by their courage and truly sorry for the bullshit and terror they have to live with.

Anyway, I realize that after Kodiak Island comes out, my next OA project will focus heavily on the Choicers. It's a good antidote to thinking about and writing about anti-choice terrorists. (The last art for Kodiak Island should be in tomorrow or Friday, BTW, and the book ready for publication by weekends' end). So Frontlines of Choice will be getting some MAJOR additional content. In addition to the clinic simulation rules (which are only loosely a D20 concept), I'm going to be offering tons of info on the Neo-Witch Midwife class and the Clinic Defender starting occupation.

I'll be expanding on what life is like in the 22nd century's 'abortionland'... that phrase, so elegant, comes from the Abortioneers blog, it implies not only the physical locality of the clinic, but the sometimes fearful, sometimes paranoid, often insular nature of the work itself. Abortionland refers to the psychological state of being an abortion doctor- the stress and the fear- as much as it does the geography of the clinic.

Anyway, this sourcebook will continue my theme of portraying abortion docs and clinic staffers as heroes. It will also get a lot deeper into what life on the ground is like for Midwives and their protectors in 2107. Right now, the draft stands at about 70% world info and flavor and 30% new character options and rules crunch. I'll start posting up some art from Frontlines soon enough. I've got some amazing stuff in route from Vic and I'll get some art from Amanda too.

Also, I've just put together a quick Pathfinder fantasy release, giving my take on the Myrmidons of Greek mythology. It's a fun little release, 9 pages long, less than 24 hours from conception to release, illustrated exclusively with stock art. I love quick projects like that, as they serve as nice vacations from my more complex OA stuff.

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Curt said...

My wife was explaining to me the new involuntary probing required in some states under the aspices of a pre-abortion ultrasound. These same states are cutting cervical cancer screening programs for women. There's a major disconnect when the unborn receive more attention than the already born.