Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Newspaper Fuckage Pt II

So they didn't run my letter to the editor. Surprise, surprise, surprise. On Monday, the paper ran an odd little blurb in the editoral page, where Doonesbury usually resides, claiming that they could not run the cartoons because of the publisher had a 'server error'.... implying that whatever wire service was providing the Kerrville Daily Times with Doonesbury cartoons was having a problem emailing the art out, or something.

Anyway, it's a cowardly, ill-thought out and lazy excuse, which completely contradicts what Villalpandos told me by email last week. The KDT doesn't want the controversy of talking about abortion, especially not allowing the Doonesbury cartoons on stage. Those things are so blunt and vulgar they might force people to reassess their politics just through shock value. The paper also doesn't want the controversy of being known as a conservative paper that censors shit like this.

So the fuckers split the difference, do nothing and hope nobody notices. Anyway, I noticed, and hopefully some of you did too.


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