Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NSWF: Art Preview for Races of the Tatakama

I just got a whole bunch of sketches from Amanda Webb, which will be going into the upcoming Black Tokyo Legends: Races of the Tatakama sourcebook. I figured I'd show some of them off.

First off, like the Choicer faction in Otherverse America owes a visual debt to Alphonse Mucha, this sourcebook is heavily inspired by ukiyo-e and shunga prints. I illustrated the Fur of the Yokai sourcebook exclusively with classic prints, both because it saved money and it looked GREAT. Anyway, she decided to explictly reference this print, by Hokusai, for her racial illustration of the Bloodstrong Men.

Pretty amazing right? She'll be coloring the piece to resemble the print, and adding mystical kanji to the lovers' bodies during the coloring phase.

More coming soon.

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