Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Black Tokyo Crossover?

Just an idea I had while at work today..... what do you think of a sourcebook that's all about crossing over Black Tokyo content with my other three campaign worlds?

I think the format would either be one large book, broken into 3 chapters, or three smaller PDFs. In any event, the three chapters would lay out as
Black Psi (Psi-Watch + Black Tokyo)
Black Galaxy (Galaxy Command + Black Tokyo) and
Black Otherverse (Otherverse America + Black Tokyo).

Of them all, I think it would be easiest to integrate BT and Otherverse America, because both focus so heavily on sexuality, though in different ways. They're both satire, but one takes a shock value hentai approach, the other is like military sci-fi. Still, I could see some cross over there, and a variant, non-metaplot version of Otherverse America where demons and magic actually exist.

Psi-Watch and Black Tokyo makes me immediately think of Cybernary, over to the right, as well as Spawn, Guyver,things like that. Extreme violence, lots of style and a sorta transgressive, guro mentality.

Mixing B.T. with Galaxy Command would be the hardest fit, since I've intentionally kept that world pretty G-rated, but it could be done. Add some more violence, freaky alien sex- think Barbarella or Robert Hienlan or Piers Anthony..... could be a fun variant campaign for that one too.

Anyway, let me know what you think. I'm also going to be doing something for Louis- he just hasn't told me exactly what yet, and I'm still working on Frontlines of Choice and the cyborg book. I'll post some character profiles/NPCs from Frontlines in a couple of days, give you a taste.

Also, I noticed some errata in Powered Hero Evolution. Namely, none of the Enhancement Protocols give the player access to the Transmuter Talent Tree. Oops. I'll tinker with it, and have a revised PDF up in a day or two, maybe make a few other changes while I'm at it.
For right now, if you're using PH Evolution, just give the Transmuter tree to the following:
Cosmic Justicebringer, Genetic Enhancement, Hereditary, Galactic Legionnaire, and Techno-Pagan Uplift enhancement protocols.

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