Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update on Mom and Current Releases

First, good news on the personal front. My mom is recovering nicely from her accident, and gets her car back from the mechanic today. I stopped by earlier to do her lawn for her (hotter than fuck, by the way) and as soon as she gets the car back I'll go grocery shopping with her. She's doing okay- bored a bit because she can't be as active as normally nor work in her garden.

I just sent off Ghosts & Promises: the Secrets of Kodiak Island to Mark for publication, and that should be up in a couple of days. This is going to be one of THE definitive Lifer sourcebooks, a detailed look at the army, advice for running a military campaign, advice for running a Lifer campaign, some Lifer specific classes, feats, starting talents, powered armor templates which add fire power to Lifer characters, and new enemies to take out. As I was writing it, I kept Palladium Games' Coalition War Campaign sourcebook in mind. They're similar products: advice on running a fascistic, villainous sci-fi military as campaign protagonists. I hope I lived up to the standard C.W.C laid down, as far as bad-guy army books go.

I also put together an Otherverse America Free20. It's a 17 page collection of random details, system free encounter charts, and the like. Basically, any time in the last few months that I've wanted to write, but haven't had a clear idea of WHAT to write, I put together a random chart for Otherverse America.

Now that Ghosts & Promises is complete, I'm going to start laying out Races of the Tatakama. I've got an idea for some additional content, though, that I'm not sure if I'll put in the Races book or move to a standalone release, like I did with Fursona IV: Fur of the Yokai.

After that, a couple of days off and then I start work on whatever else catches my eye. After Races of the Tatakama, I might do some Galaxy Command stuff, or maybe work on the Witch Hero idea I had last year.

Blessed Be,


Louis Porter Jr. said...

How about some Pirates of the Bronze Sky stuff, hmmmm......

Curt said...

How about a Psiwatch Game Masters Guide similar to what you did for Otherverse America, with stats for NPCs, etc?

Curt said...

But I'm up for Galaxy Command too. Actually, anything in vein of Fursona or Synthetic Heroes, actually, if you could use those rules to come up with a Bubblegum Crisis-Macross style analog similar to Sentai Spectacular, that would be great.