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Sample NPCS from Frontlines of Choice (Upcoming)

I've been working on generating NPCs for the Frontlines of Choice sourcebook- a mix of first level characters suitable as pre-gen and mroe experienced NPCs. These guys are mostly clinic defenders and midwives, and here are two of the characters that'll be in the new sourcebook for Otherverse America. 

Flashy Choicer Powered: Amymone Guerra (CR 1)
Medium Human Powered Hero 1 (psionic)

            “You see that one over there- yeah, I know you do. Naked girl, Mohawk, how the fuck could you miss her, right? She looks like a Meshporn slut, but she can fight, man. She’s got speed and I’ve seen her shrug off bullets before. She’s some kind of superhuman. She’s here, we don’t hit this aborturary today, okay? We go see Terry, check what kinda heavy weapons he’s got for us, come back and do this thing right.”
            -ATF surveillance audio file. Speaker identified as Keith “Babydog” Waynewright, November 11, 2106.

            Amymone Guerra is a tiny Hispanic post-human who stands barely 5 ft tall, and remains seemingly childlike well into her twenties. She goes into battle bare-breasted, proudly displaying the nanoactive tattoos encircling each breast and running down her shoulders. The intricately interconnected runes inscribed on her flesh slowly move and shift like a LSD-laced jig saw puzzle. She never wears armor, trusting her speed and the subdermal armor implanted beneath her skin to keep her alive. Amymone does not consider the implantation scars to be a flaw, but as another form of body art.

            She shaves her head clean except for a short Mohawk that she dyes in neon, rainbow colors. At clinic defenses, she wears a pair of ballistic plastic gauntlets in eye-popping orange. Her left gauntlet proclaims her CHOICER and the right bears the slogan TRUST GIRLS.

Campaign Use
            Fast, agile and blessed with an immature talent for time manipulation that expresses itself as limited superspeed, Amymone is a quintessential Choicer heroine. She’s nimble but lightly armored, fast but fragile. She makes a perfect starting character for Choicer superhumans. Her stat block can be converted for any number of Choicer super humans, especially ones with an offensive bent, or could become a faster than average APEX recruit.

XP 400
Init +3 Senses Darkvision 60 ft 
Allegiances The Eleusinian Mysteries, the Covenant

AC 18 (+3 DEX, +5 natural)
HP 1d10+1 (11 HP)
FORT +1 REF +3 WILL +4

Spd 30 ft
Melee combat baton +1 (1d6 bludgeoning)
Ranged Uzi submachine gun +4 (2d6 ballistic, 40 ft range increment, semi-auto, 20 round magazine)

Str 11 Dex 17 Con 13 Int 11Wis 10 Cha 13
Base Atk +1 CMB +1 CMD 14
Starting Occupation Clinic Defender
Starting Talent RAINBOW Markers (+2 to Diplomacy and Gather Information checks against non-heterosexual Choicer characters)
Feats Iron Will, Combat Reflexes, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Dodge
Skills Bluff +3, Intimidate +4, Jump +4, Knowledge (tactics) +3, (theology & philosophy) +4
Talents Time Manipulator I
Languages English, Spanish
Gear decorative gauntlets, Uzi and 6x clips, personal gear.
Cyber Implants and Smartlights smartlight palmtop (acts as cellphone and PDA), Medium Subcutaneous Body Armor (armored skin), Nightvision Optics (darkvision 60 ft)

Special Abilities

Time Manip I: Amymone has the ability to greatly accelerate her personal time field. She can act as hasted for up to 11 rounds per day Amymone may activate this ability as a free action on her turn, and maintain the hasted state in one round increments. These rounds need not be consecutive. 

Superstrong Clinic Defender: Ken “Formor” O’Rielly (CR 5)
Large Human Powered Hero 5

            “This is it, the last fuckin’ song of the night, and all you motherfuckas know how we like to end it! So Blessed Motherfuckin’ Be, you band of jolly fucks!”
            -Formor, addressing the crowd at Kate’s Barndoor, before launching into a 12 minute long extended version of “Fuck Artemis Twice As Hard”. January 3, 2107.


            In his birth body, Ken O’Rielly is a muscular, tattooed Irishman with auburn hair buzzed close to the skull. He dresses in rugged leathers covered in band patches and cheaply printed Choicer buttons. He knows his faith and politics make him a target in Boston, and has no interest in concealing who he is and what he believes. Sarcastic, mouthy and angry, O’Rielly is often scraped and bruised after brawls with local Lifer thugs. O’Rielly is more than capable of defending himself, even in human form, and will only shift to his warform against the toughest foes, or when he wants to make a point: don’t screw with Chociers.

As Formor, he is a hideous giant with elephantine grey skin that changes to a deep, brick red tone around his face and swollen hands. Formor’s proportions are inhuman, and the giant superhuman moves with an ape-like crouch. One eye is swollen to nearly three times the size of its mate. Unlike many Choicers, he carries a massive, double-bladed battle axe made from blue-black buckysteel and decorated with silvery Celtic knot work, not the expected athame. Despite his size and ferocity, Formor remains a brawler and not a killer. He prefers to fight with his fists, rather than switching to lethal attacks with his axe.

Campaign Use
            Formor is basically a cyberpunk, neo-pagan version of the Dropkick Murphies, a tough, streetwise brawler who makes his living playing in local punk clubs. His clinic defense is something he does when he needs to, and his real passion is music. He’s one of the most physically powerful Choicer superhumans in Lifer-dominated Boston.
Formor is a street level vigilante. He protects his neighborhood’s Choicers (especially the girls), and likes nothing better than beating on drug dealer and wife beaters, regardless of politics. Formor holds a special contempt for Choicer street criminals, believing that as pagans they should be better than that.

            As a musician and activist, Formor makes an interesting rival for Baby Nightstalker, the Lifer cyber-hacker and rapper. As a Choicer resident of Boston, he knows Dr. Julie Riddle well, and has protected her more than once, en route to her clinic. Both these NPCs are fully statted out in the Otherverse America Game Master’s Guide.

XP 1,600
Init +1
Allegiances traditional Celtic Wicca, the doctors and patients he protects, chaos

AC 16 (+1 DEX, +2 class, -1 size, +4 natural, +1 equipment)
HP 5d10+15 (43 HP)
FORT +7 REF +2 WILL +1
Special Luck Bonus +2 on all saves against effects generated by other Powered Heroes
Weaknesses Medics attempting to use the Treat Injury skill to aid a Powered Hero suffer a -4 penalty on the check result, unless they possess the Xeno-Medic feat.
Caloric Requirements (See below).

Spd 40 ft
Melee unarmed brawling +13 (1d8+7 subdual, automatic critical hit)
            Combat axe +12 (1d12+7 slashing)
Str 24 Dex 12 Con 17 Int 13 Wis 10 Cha 13
Base Atk +5 CMB +13 CMD 24
Starting Occupation Creative
Starting Talent Local Hero (+1 to spot in poor and Choicer Boston neighborhoods, reputation bonus is doubled there; +4 there, +2 elsewhere)

Feats Simple Weapons Proficiency, Deceptive, Powered Plus, Brawl, Knockout Punch
Talents Warform I, Warform II, Changeform, Peak Human I, Dynamic
Skills Bluff +11, Climb +9, Disguise +3, Drive +4, Hide +5, Jump +9, Knowledge (streetwise) +9, Knowledge (theology & philosophy) +5,  Move Silently +5, Perform (sing) +7, Perform (bagpipes) +5, Repair +4
Languages English, Gaelic
Gear combat axe, heavy leather duster, steel toe boots, 24 pack of cheap beer
Cyber Implants and Smartlights smartlight palmtop (acts as cellphone and PDA), Kevlar Replacement Muscle Groups (augments strength and speed), Integral Knuckledusters (implanted brass knuckles) 

Special Abilities

            Ability Push (EX): Formor can take a full round action to initiate a bio-feedback loop which increases his STR score by +2, and his DEX score by +1 for one hour. He can use this ability twice per day.

            Dynamic (EX): Any time Formor spends an action point for any reason, his place in the initiative order is improved by +1d6.

            Warform (EX): Formor is a gigantic mutant dressed like a Boston street punk, in addition to his great size and natural armor, in his Warform, his lifting and carrying limits are double those of a Medium humanoid. He can switch between normal and superhuman forms as a move equivalent action.

Caloric Requirements (EX): Formor can only go without food or water for 4 hours before needing to make FORT Saves to resist starvation and thirst. If Formor uses superhuman abilities for three or more consecutive rounds, he is sickened from the heightened metabolic demands, until he eats the equivalent of 1d4 days rations.

There you go, two new Choicer NPCs for your Otherverse America Campaigns.
Blessed Be,

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