Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Art Preview: Sentai Sequel

Okay, here we've got two preview images from Sentai Sequel, which I talked about in depth last time. Up top we have a Sentai Hero wearing some new, heavy armor, and though you can't tell at this black and white inked stage, he'll be a Purple Sentai Hero! So yep, that means new suit colors. We'll have Purple, Gold, Brown, Orange, and a few more I'm keeping in reserve, as well as some truly weird spectrum roles like the Steel and Psychedelic Heroes.The Purple Hero will be a new core- instead of all sentai requiring a Red, Yellow and Blue hero, they can now swap in a Purple for a Red and change up the dynamic a bit.

Below, you've got an amazing illo for the Children of Gaea concept- which is basically Captain Planet shoehorned into traditional sentai. This variant character concept gets dramatically expanded, with new gear, talents, and suggestions on running an eco-themed sentai campaign.

You'll also get four new vehicles (at least, maybe more if I get inspired between now and the release date) including Sentai bullet trains, because what's more Japanese than bullet trains?

You'll also get some suggestions about integrating Fursona with Sentai, and mixing matching elements from Black Tokyo and the Tatakama, even a suggestion or two for integrating Sentai into Otherverse America!

And oh yeah, combining fuckin' mecha!

Anyway, Sentai Sequel will be out in another week or two. In the meantime, I just sent off "The Arcadians" to Mark for posting on Rpgnow. The Arcadians are a race of videogame inspired Fey- think the old Reboot or Captain Nintendo toons. They originally debuted in the now 'out of print' D20 Decade:1980s book I did, and I've rebuilt them from the ground up for Pathfinder. Also, the Arcadians are nice indirect support for Sentai Sequel- there's a side bar about integrating Arcadians into Sentai that's pretty sweet.

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Anonymous said...

This is out of the blue, but I had a thought this morning about Otherverse America in particular, and your other campaign settings in general.

There are no adventures for them.

That's actually a pretty big flaw. These are great settings to read about, and they certainly fire the imagination, but ultimately they're campaign settings with no material to actually let you start playing through a campaign.

Now, at this point one is likely to say "but hold on, lots of people make their own adventures!" Yes, that's true, but the people who do that are, in my experience, disinclined to use a pre-made campaign world to begin with. For the most part, the people who buy your campaign setting are also going to be inclined to buy adventures that are set for it - they want you to do the heavy lifting for them, so they can focus on the less creation-intensive aspects of running a game.

As it stands now, the Otherverse America setting isn't something that really belongs to the players. The ideas for how they get involved with it are, at best, a few adventure seeds scattered throughout some of the books. Seeds are good, but at some point people just want to buy the plant outright instead of waiting for it to grow.

Chris, you're obviously brimming with inspiration - why not turn some of that towards making an Otherverse America adventure? It doesn't have to be an entire adventure path; just one adventure for 1st-level characters would be enough. It'll be a challenge, certainly - writing adventures is far and away different from writing supplements, and requires a LOT more from the author - but I'd like to see how it goes.

What do you say? Can we hope to see an Otherverse America adventure in the future?

Chris A. Field said...

Actually, I'm planning some adventures for Otherverse America. I've been loath to include them before writing adventures is the hardest part of game design. Not only do you have to account for all the probable behaviors of not just your home game group, but any game group that plays through the adventure. In modern and superhero games, the problem is exacerbated, because there are so many different builds, play styles and ways around a problem that it becomes VERY hard to predict what the PCs will do or why.

Logistically, writing adventures is a nightmare. You need maps, art, stat blocks by the dozen.

Still, I've been wanting to do an adventure path (or multiple paths, for Lifer, Choicer and Fed-Gov heroes) for Otherverse America for some time.

An idea I've been toying with is doing a series of fluff heavy short PDFs, with a long fiction section that would include game stats for the characters involved, their gear, and whatever new concepts are introduced in that chapter. Of course, that isn't too different then the way Paizo does its APs, I just need to tweek my format to offer more freedom and interactivity.

One of the ideas I've had for a while now is a series of adventures that start with first level choicer heroes on January 1,2107, and follow them throughout the reawakening of the war, eventually culminating with a final battle with the reborn Artemis.

Anyway, there will be Otherverse America adventures, and sooner rather than later, but they're going to take a TON of work to get set up and executed properly.

Curt said...

I'll be charging my Paypal account to get this as soon as it comes out. I, of course, prefer Psi-Watch to Otherverse and am glad you've been supporting it. I would like to see full compatibility with Pathfinder, as even I've bitten the Pathfinder bullet.