Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sentai Sequel

I just sent Sentai Sequel off to Mark to post on RPGNow and DriveThru. The book tops out at 38 pages of crunchy, cartoony goodness. From the sell text:

This short supplement provides some new
options to be used with Otherverse Game’s Sentai
Spectacular! campaign guide (2011). Inside, you’ll
find some additional content to make your Sentai flavored game even more interesting: some new Sentai colors, amazing new gear, some dangerous new weapons.

You’ll also find the suave male counterpart
to the Lunar Princess Talent Tree, and new starting talents that provide expanded support for variant Sentai campaigns built around the Lunar Empire or Children of Gaea. Plus, you’ll finally be able to merge your Mecha-Kaiju into a single hyper colorful and indestructible war machine!

Finally, you’ll get a littlesupport for integrating material from Fursona into a
Sentai campaign.

It should be up soon, and I think you'll enjoy it.
Blessed Be,


Curt said...

... awaiting with anticipation.

Chris A. Field said...

Should be up in another couple of days. You'll LOVE this one.

Curt said...

Indeed, this is one of your best. ...still hoping for the "Bubblegum Crisis" hack one and for more Psi-Watch

Chris A. Field said...

The Bubblegum Crisis/cybernetics book is in progress, just slowly. It requires a ton of conversion of other D20 Future cybernetics content, which is fairly boring, slow going. I'm planning to do some more Psi-Watch soon, but I want to release some stuff for Galaxy Command, since it hasn't been supported much this year, aside from Synths, and work heavy in the Black Tokyo revision, because I know that will be a HUGE seller.

In related news, I've got a Modern Spellcaster basic class on deck, which allows you to use a full 9 level PFRPG spell progression in D20 Modern, and a Free20 Otherverse America book on deck next.


Curt said...

The 20 level spell caster should be a cool addition.