Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Revisiting the Tatakama, Upcoming Stuff

I've just revisited the Tatakama setting, releasing two short books under the Black Tokyo Legends banner: Guro-Strike! (A bloody new combat option originally previewed on this blog a few months back) and Spells & Gods of the Tatakama (which is exactly what it sounds like.).

Right now, after Frontlines of Choice, which was a very art heavy project, I'm rebuilding my art budget before heading into my first Masters of Endara releases. (Those will be extremely art heavy as well.)

I'm in the process of putting together a sequel to Sentai Spectacular, which is coming together nicely. This one will have some cool Amanda Webb art. Meanwhile, John Picot is still working on Solomon Station, which should be one of the last big Otherverse America releases of 2012.

John's already sent over his portion of the art for Anthros of Endara, and I'm waiting for Vic Shane to do the same with his creatures. Amanda will also be working on this after Sentai Sequel is done with. In addition, she's already done the first basic map of the campaign world.

I've also been toying with a short D20 Modern 'campaign plug-in' which is a homage to the movies of Andy Sidaris. I recently found a 12 movie collection of his stuff for $5, and picked it up. Basically, all his movies are tits, explosions, unrealistic gunplay and weaponized model airplanes. I get the first three, but the weaponized model airplanes, it's just weird.

After all that, I've got Races of Galaxy Command on deck, and I'm toying with the idea of releasing a revised and updated version of the Coven of Bast in Spring of 2013. So I've got a lot of planned projects on my plate, and in addition to those, I know I'll also work on projects that come to be in a burst of sudden inspiration between now and year's end.

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