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Black Tokyo Advanced Guide

I've built a little bit of a backlog- I have several shorter PDFs ready for release, and I'm just waiting for Mark to upload them to RPGNow.

Among them are Heavy Weapons, the magic sourcebook for Heavy Future, Dirty Galaxy, which is the traps and hazards book and a new Black Tokyo sourcebook.

I also have begun putting together an Advanced Guide type product for Black Tokyo in between Heavy Future products. One product has already spun out of this future work, a 15 page supplement called Busty Extreme. That one will be all about big tittied spellcasters. Yes, a mature and realistic portrayal of female characters in gaming.

One of the other things I started doing  was creating a bunch of new Haunts and Monsters for Black Tokyo. Here's a preview of some of the content. One of the things I wanted to include in the BT Advanced Guide is an expansion of Project GILGAMESH, which makes the faction more true to its origins as a homage to NERV. I just finished up a fairly cool Eva-style monster- I figure if Paizo can basically stat up Godzilla in Bestiary 4, I can stat up another icon of Japanese monster movies.

Take a look at the GILGAMESH Avenger and a new familiar. Give me comments on the Avenger's power level, and if you've got  a good point I'll include them in the eventual release.

GILGAMESH Avenger (CR 12)
Colossal CN Aberration
XP 19,200
Init +4 Senses Perception +6, Darkvision 90 ft, Scent
Languages Japanese, English, Russian, Celestial, Infernal
Auras Existential Terror Field 30 ft radius Cause Fear DC 17; 10 ft radius Fear DC 17  

AC 28 Touch 13 Flatfooted 25 (-8 size (suppressed by Nimble Giant), +3 DEX, +15 natural)
HP 17d8 + 136 hp (HP)
Fast Healing 10
FORT +5 REF +5 WILL +12

Spd 75 ft
Melee +15/+10/+5 talons (2d10+10 slashing, 19-20/x3) or
            +16/+11/+6 linear blade (2d12+12 slashing, 19-20/x2 plus vorpal and Bane: Totorri Horrors qualities)
Special Qualities Pounce

Str 30 Dex 18 Con 26 Int 4 Wis 16 Cha 10
Base Atk +12 CMB +30 CMD 44
Feats Bleeding Critical, Blind Fight, Critical Focus, Combat Reflexes, Iron Will, Run, Sickening Critical, Stand Still, Weapon Focus (talons)
Skills Acrobatics +14, Climb +14, Perception +6
Gear linear blade (+2 Vorpal Bane utility cutter)

Environment any (only deployed legally deployed in the Japanese Home Islands, but occasional black ops into Russian Federation)
Organization solitary or squad (2-5 members plus pilots)
Treasure standard, including linear blade  

Special Abilities
            Berserk (EX)
            When a GILGAMESH Avenger enters combat, there is a cumulative 1% chance each round that it goes into a berserk rage. The uncontrolled Avenger goes on a rampage, attacking the nearest living creature or smashing some object smaller than itself if no creature is within reach, then moving on to spread more destruction. The Avenger’s pilot, if any, can try to regain control which requires a DC 20 Pilot check. It take a minute of inactivity by the golem to reset the golem’s berserk chance to 0%.

            Each confirmed critical hit inflicted on the GIGLAMESH Avenger by a Tottori Horror increases the Avenger’s berserk chance by +5%.

Existential Terror Field (SU)
The GIGLAMESH Avenger radiates an aura of intense terror. A 30 ft radius around the Avenger produces a Cause Fear effect. A 10 ft radius around the Avenger radiates a more intense Fear effect. The caster level for each effect is equal to the Avenger’s Hit Dice.  

            Linear Blade (EX)
            GILGAMESH Avengers are equipped with deadly magi-tech blades which resemble enormous utility knives. These blades are +2 Vorpal Bane weapons; the weapon’s Bane Property only applies to Totorri Horrors, not to other, related creatures.

            An Avenger is allowed to draw and deploy this weapon when facing a Totorri Horror. The Linear Blade will not eject from its holster on the Avenger’s thigh armor unless a Totorri Horror is visible within 500 ft of the Avenger. A DC 38 Disable Device check can remove a locked Linear Blade from its holster, however the weapon’s Vorpal and Bane qualities are inactive.

            Nimble Giant (EX)
            Despite its massive size, the GILGAMESH Avenger moves as nimbly as a panther. It does not suffer a size penalty to Armor Class or to Stealth checks.
            Piloted Horror (EX)
            Project GILGAMESH uses Avengers as living weapons against the supernatural and extraplanar enemies of Japan. Specially trained Pilots control the great beast from a bio-cybernetic control pod barely any larger than a coffin; this control console is built into the Avenger’s torso. The Pilot crawls into the monster through a special port at the base of the monster’s spine. It requires two minutes to enter and assume control of a slumbering Avenger, or a similar period of time to remove the Pilot safely from a machine from an Avenger before the monster again enters slumber.

            When a Pilot enters the Avenger’s body, man, monster and machine merge into a dangerous gestalt. The Avenger can use the Pilot’s ranks in Pilot in place of its Base Attack Bonus and REF Saves if they are higher. The Pilot’s INT, WIS and CHA scores replace those of the Avenger, and the Avenger is directed to respond to the Pilot’s will, like a vehicle.

            When Piloted, an Avenger can use skills and class abilities possessed by its Pilot. The Pilot cannot however, cast spells or use spell-like abilities while Piloting the Avenger.

            If the Avenger is destroyed, or upon a command from the Pilot, the control pod can eject from the creature. This is a move equivalent action. The control pod appears in a square adjacent to the Avenger. If the Avenger is still alive when the Pilot ejects, it immediately goes berserk.

            GILGAMESH Avengers are spindly, bio-mechanical horrors created by Project GILGAMESH’s scientists. Gigantic, predatory monstrosities are created from the blood and marrow of the slumbering Genbu, and fitted with invulnerable titanium armor and cybernetic control arrays designed to arrest the bloodlust inherent in their foul DNA. So far, these new abominations are proving invaluable in GILGAMESH’s struggle against the other-dimensnional Horrors that have invaded the Tottori Prefecture, and against other threats. The fact that each time an Avenger is deployed into the field, the Genbu shudders in its sleep is a small concern.

            GILGAMESH Avengers are basically humanoid, but inhumanly proportioned. Like the Tottori Horrors themselves, they are spindly and lean, with blade like limbs. An Avenger’s wiry, muscular frame is sheathed beneath a set of black and crimson armor. This light, segmented body armor resembles an extremely futuristic version of plate armor, and includes a fully concealing helmet that acts more as mask and muzzle than protection for the creature beneath the Avenger’s armor. Rank insignia and kill markings are painted on the helmet’s finlike crest. 

Finally, a new familiar that should be well....familiar to fans of NGE.....a penguin.

Familiar, Penguin (CR 1/4)
Small N Animal
XP 100
Init +0 Senses Perception +1, lowlight vision  

AC 12 Touch 12 Flatfooted 11 (+1 size, +1 dodge)
HP 1d8 + 1 hp (5 HP)
FORT +3 REF +2 WILL +1
Resist Cold 2  

Spd 10 ft, Swim 30 ft
Melee -2 beak (1d4-3 piercing)

Str 5 Dex 11 Con 13 Int 1 Wis 12 Cha 3
Base Atk +0 CMB + CMD +
Feats Dodge
Skills Swim +5 (+4 racial bonus on Swim checks)

Environment cold marsh
Organization solitary or pod (several dozen) in the wild
Treasure none

Special Abilities
            Hold Breath (EX)
            Penguins can hold their breath for about 5 minutes before needing to make FORT Saves to resist suffocation or drowning.

            These fairly intelligent, trainable birds are sometimes imported to Japan by spellcasters wanting a truly distinctive familiar- especially those who watched way too much Evangelion growing up. Penguins, especially Emperor Penguins are a lot smarter than they look, and can learn an astounding variety of tricks. Those enhanced by a familiar bond are even more clever.
               A penguin familiar's master gains Cold Resistance 2.

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