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Preview of Black Tokyo's Advanced Players Guide: Alternate Racial Traits

Well, right now I've got two products on RPGNow's Top 15 simultaneously. That's happened once or twice before, but it's rare enough to be truly gratifying. It seems everybody- myself, my artists and my customers- all love the Heavy Future setting.

Awesome- I'm doing more work on it right now. I just sent the draft of Expanded Races: Erobots to John for comment and to get some art. That one should be out in another week or so, with more spells, weapons and gear coming soon after.

I'm also working on Black Tokyo's Advanced Player's Guide. This is already turning into a weighty sourcebook- I'm revising all the spells from Spells and Gods of the Tatakama, adding even more spells and some basic information on running Buddhist and Shinto spellcasters in a fictional context. I've added one new race to the setting, which is basically a bunch of monsters wearing a girl-suit. Last night, I put together the White Mage clerical archetype and a sorcerer bloodline specifically for skatto spellcasters. I've also added about 15,000 words worth of new adventure locations, factions and plot hooks.

One thing I want to preview is a set of alternate racial traits for the Races from the Tatakama and Races of Black Japan. Take a look, and thanks for purchasing my Heavy Future stuff in such great numbers.

Alternate Racial Traits for the Other Races of Black Japan
            The following traits replace the standard racial traits of player races found in either Races of the Tatakama (2012) or Races of Black Japan (2013).
            Bosatsu (SU)
            Available To: Kami
            Replaces: Racial Skills and modifies Kami’s Perfection
            You are a Buddhist spirit, who found enlightenment in a previous incarnation and returned from the heavens to guide and aid mortals. You receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (religion), Heal/Treat Injury and Sense Motive checks. One of these checks, chosen by you, becomes the focus on your Kami’s Perfection trait.
            Bosatsu Kami have the Good and Law subtypes.
Ciao Kawaii Nekomusume (EX)
Available To:
Replaces: Racial Feats
            You’re one of the pink and white furred, child-safe and less sexual cat-girls specially bred at the Ciao Kawaii Fun Park in Tama (tours of the cloning tanks available from 14:00 – 20:00 Monday through Friday for 1000 yen for adults or 300 yen for children under 8).
            You were decanted as a nanny and companion to a lucky (and very wealthy) family. You receive a +2 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks made against characters in the Young Adult age category or younger, and +4 racial bonus on Profession (nanny) checks.

            Combined Fleet POETICA (EX)
            Available To: POETICA
            Replaces: Racial Skills, Modifies Ability Score Mods
            You are a military model POETICA, serving the JSDF as a part of an experimental unit operating as support gunners of the nation’s new Assault Witch squads. Combined Fleet POETICA have a more rugged beauty than most of these androids, powerful integrated cannons are built into their forearms- these long barreled weapons resemble the turrets of a WWII era battleship. Most Combined Fleet POETICA dress in the standard uniform of the day for their unit- a schoolgirl outfit with an olive drab skirt and beret, accented with rank insignia and a golden lanyard for senior androids.

            Combined Fleet POETICA do not receive a racial bonus to their CHA score.

            Combined Fleet POETICA begin play with the Military starting occupation. They receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (tactics) checks, as they are programmed to be diehard military buffs.

            Each Combined Fleet POETICA is equipped with a pair of masterwork cannons (one set per arm). POETICA are always considered proficient with these integrated cannons. These weapons cannot be disarmed, though they can be sundered. They can be enchanted, though the POETICA must remain present for the entire process.

Ranged Weapons
Range Increment
Purchase DC
2d6 ballistic
100 ft

            Corpse Hand Goryohime (EX)
            Available To: Goryohime
            Replaces: Eased Passage Between Life and Death
            As your corpse awaited your return to life as undead, a senior Goryohime priestess surgically grafted the arms of another girl who tried and failed to become Goryohime to your ribcage. Through you, this failed Goryohime, your fallen sister, lives on.

            You gain an additional pair of arms placed just under your breasts. These additional limbs are slightly greyer and ore corpse like than your own arms, and stitched heavily with thick black thread. Your additional pair of limbs provides you with a +2 racial bonus on CMB, and a +4 racial bonus on Climb checks. You gain Multiattack as a racial bonus feat.

            Death Kami (SU)
            Available To: Kami
            Replaces: Kami’s Perfection and Racial Skills
            Death Kami are heavenly functionaries that ferry messages between the living and the dead, and ferry the souls of the recently deceased into the otherworld. Death Kami are recognized by their snow white hair, heron-like white wings and habit of dressing almost exclusively in white, silver or grey.

            Death Kami receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (religion) and Profession (mortician) checks. A Death Kami can use Deathwatch as a spell-like ability once per day, and can cast Stabilize as a spell-like ability 3x/day. The Death Kami casts these spells as a first level cleric.

            The Death Kami can hear the last words of the dead. If any sentient creature dies within 30 ft of the Death Kami, she ‘hears’ a short message, usually 50 words or less, intended for a loved one or next of kin. The Death Kami may not understand this message, if the dying creature speaks a language she is unfamiliar with, but she can recite it flawlessly. The Death Kami is aware of the name, basic appearance and the last known location, as known by the dying creature, of the message’s recipient. If the Death Kami delivers the message to the intended recipient within one month of the creature’s death, she receives bonus XP equal to 50 x her total character level.

            Foul Breath (SU)
            Available To: Akaname
            Replaces: Bones of Shit
            You can vomit up a stream of stinking shit and pungent urine. You gain a breath weapon, usable once per day. Your breath weapon is a 30 ft line (at 12th level this increases to a 60 ft line). All targets within the line suffer 1d8 acid damage per four character levels (maximum 5d8 acid) and are considered sickened for one minute. A successful DC 15 REF Save halves the damage and negates the sickened condition.

            Idiot From Osaka (EX)
            Available To: Human
            Replaces: Highly Skilled, born in the Osaka prefecture
            The ‘idiot from Osaka’ is the Japanese pop cultural equivalent of the Southern redneck, and you, with your thick kansai-ben accent perfectly embody the stereotype. Anytime you fail an INT-keyed skill check by 5 or more points, you gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws and WIS-keyed skill checks for the next hour.
            Ironpot Oni (SP)
            Available To: Ironclub Oni
            Replaces: Ironhead Tetsubo, racial skills, racial weapon proficiency
            Many Ironclub Oni tribes are proud cannibals, known for their masterpieces of culinary murder. The proprietor of Pick the Bones, in the worst part of Chiba, is an Ironpot, a fact he’s immensely proud of.

            The Ironpot Oni is a keen hunter and expert butcher, receiving a +2 racial bonus on Survival and a +4 bonus on Profession (chef) checks. The Ironpot Oni is proud of its dangerous collection of axes and cleavers, and is proficient with all Simple and Martial weapons that inflict slashing damage.

            Once per three days, the Ironpot Oni can cast Cannibal Feast as a 10th level Druid, which can affect a corpse of up to size Large. The Ironpot Oni must succeed at a DC 23 Profession (chef) check; if the check is successful, the Ironpot can cast the spell without providing the expensive material components (100 gp/DC 10). If the check fails, the Ironpot Oni can still cast the spell, but is required to provide the expensive material components.

            Kiss Catgirl (SP)
            Available To: Nekomusume
            Replaces: Feline Nimbus
            The sight of two cat-girls kissing can warm even the coldest heart. A number of times per day equal to 3 + her CHA modifier, the Nekomusume can kiss another Nekomusume or feline Anthro as a full round action. Doing so creates a Bless effect centered on the kissing catgirls, that affect all allies who would be sexually attracted to the Nekomusume. The caster level is equal to the sum of the two cat-girls’ total character levels.

            Little Sister POETICA (EX)
            Available To: POETICA
            Replaces: Racial Skill package, modifies size
            Little Sister POETICA are designed to be perpetually childlike, innocent and cheerful. They are built to look up to their master as the coolest big brother in the world- either in a purely honorable, na├»ve way or an incestuous way for more ecchi purchasers.

            Little Sister POETICA have the Student Starting Occupation. They receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (pop culture) checks. When using the Aid Another action to assist their owner with an INT, WIS or CHA based skill check, the bonus provided is +3, not +2 as normal.

            Little Sister POETICA are childlike, and receive a +5 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to pass for a human child. They are Size Small and gain a +1 size bonus to AC and attack rolls, a -1 size penalty to Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

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