Friday, November 8, 2013

Sentai POD Art Preview

Not too much to say today. I just got back with an interview with a local magazine and ad circular called Hometown Heroes, who are looking for a layout and graphic design person. Hopefully, five years of laying out my own gaming PDFs is enough practical experience to get the job. I had a fairly good interview with one of the magazine's higher-ups today. Wish me luck.

Here is a new image, by Amanda Webb for Sentai Strike, my new POD offering. I'd commissioned three images, all inked B&W for the book, an image of a Kamen Rider style hero with a split costume, an image of a Sentai heroine battling a monster, and a rather silly-looking monster leaping at the viewer. This is the first completed image- I told Amanda to include some "Kirby krackle" on our bifurcated hero and she went absolutely wild with it, inking this guy by hand rather than digitally to give it a more intense feel. Anyway, I've always been very impressed by Amanda's inking- this and her inks for one of the Hiemdall images from Frontlines of Choice really rocked.


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