Thursday, May 29, 2014

BTU: The Executioner Sorcerer Bloodline

Another tidbit from the upcoming Enchantments of Black Tokyo- a death-fixated sorcerer bloodline that takes full advantage of many of the very brutal new combat spells in the game. Unfamiliar spells will be fully detailed in Enchantments of Black Tokyo, if they're not already available in one BT sourcebook or the other.

The Executioner Bloodline
            Your mystical powers are fundamentally lethal, sadistic and efficient. The karmic consequence of a family connection to legal execution resulted in a sorcerer-child with a morbid outlook and grim powers. The children of judicial executioners, judges and others involved in the business of legally sanctioned murder sometimes manifest terrifying Executioner bloodline powers, as do the survivors left behind after a criminal’s execution.

            Executioner sorcerers are serious, somber and don’t usually look like they sleep well. Their words are rare and as well chosen and precise as the terminology in a death row appeal. They dress in dark colors, in styles with a faux judicial or military flair. Weapons are second nature, and many move like veteran soldiers.

Class Skill: Craft (chemical) (INT), Knowledge (civics) (INT)
Bonus Spells:
Corrosive Touch (3rd), Sniper Child (5th), Gun Personified (7th), Body Poison (9th), Cloudkill (11th), Sadistic Dissection (13th), Dying World (15th), Horrid Wilting (17th), Transmute Blood to Acid (19th)

Bonus Feats: Executioner sorcerers can choose Bleeding Critical, Bloody Assault, Deadly Aim, Enforcer, Focused Shot, Greater Spell Focus (necromancy), Sickening Critical, Spell Focus (necromancy) or Weapon Focus (any firearm) as a bloodline feat.

Bloodline Arcana Whenever you cast a spell with the death descriptor, your target or targets must roll two saving throws and take the worse of two results.

Bloodline Powers  
            Death Sentence (SU)
            Starting at first level, any manufactured melee weapon or firearm (or energy weapon, in high tech settings) you wield gains the deadly weapon property. Weapons wielded by you are sheathed in glistening purple and crimson energy.

            Lethal Injection (EX)
            At 3rd level, you become superhumanly adept at using poison. You no longer risk poisoning yourself when applying poison to a weapon and increase the FORT Save DC of any poison you brew yourself with Craft (chemical) by +1. At 9th level, you add two rounds to the duration of any poison you brew yourself. At 15th level, you add the initial effect of death to any poison you craft yourself; if the victim succeeds on their initial FORT Save, they are affected by the poison normally.

            Electrocutioner (SP)
            At 9th level, you may use a modified lightning bolt as a spell-like ability. If the first target creature within the line created by the lightning bolt fails its saving throw (and would thus, suffer full damage), you may choose to stop the line there, as a free action. No other targets are affected by your modified lightning bolt, but the initial target is immobilized for one round and suffers the lightning bolt’s damage on your turn on the following round (FORT Save half). A burning electric chair, made of fire and lightning, appears and holds the target in place.

            You may use this ability once per day at 9th level, and twice per day at 17th level.

            Restrained and Executed (SU)
            At 15th level, you become lethally efficient at working with a team of trained killers to strap down and euthanize a victim. When an opponent within 300 ft of you, who you can clearly see gains the grappled, pinned or helpless conditions as a result of an ally’s direct actions, you may cast a single target spell with the death descriptor against that opponent. This counts against your limit of a single quickened spell per round. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your CHA modifier.

            No Appeal (SU)
            At 20th level, when casting any spell with the death descriptor, you can increase the spell’s casting time to a full-round action. Phantasmal judge’s robes and a British-style barrister’s wig appears around you as you cast the spell. Casting the spell in this manner prevents the target or targets from making a saving throw against the effect; they are automatically considered to have failed their saving throw. When using No Appeal, you may affect corporeal undead as if they were humanoid creatures.

            You may use No Appeal once per day.

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