Thursday, May 22, 2014

Father of the Cat Girls

For the last couple of months, I've been concentrating heavily on Black Tokyo. In addition to gathering up art for a HUGE magic and magic items sourcebook, I've been doing a series of race specific sourcebooks: We've already seen an expansion on the Kami and Kitsune races, expect a similar look at the Akaname, the Goryohime as well as the Nekomusume- the cat girls of the setting.

The Nekomusume sourcebook came about basically because John told me he's got plenty of cat-girl related models, skins and props to use, and wanted to include them in a project. That said, it's turning into a very nice, deep sourcebook. In delving deeper into the origins of the Nekomusume race, I asked myself: who grew these things anyway?

The answer, excerpted from the text, is below.

Kitten Factories
            The Nekomusume species began as an expensive, decadent luxury. Seeing how profitable the sale of custom-grown Nekos was, many of Japan’s largest entertainment, electronics, automotive and media mega-corporations have a division dedicated exclusively to the production of beautiful cat-girls. Ordinary production facilities (formerly dedicated to manufacturing everything from game consoles to compact cars) were repurposed and converted into massive womb-complexes, breeding catgirls by the hundreds.

            As kitten factories became more common, the price of cat girls dropped dramatically. But true catgirl connoisseurs will only purchase their glamorous pets from first tier bloodlines, from breeders who have been in business since the catgirl boom of the early 1980s began.

Neko Dream Ultimate
            Neko Dream Ultimate, headquartered in the iconic 109 Building in Tokyo’s Shibuya District, was the among the first companies breeding Nekomusume. Neko Dream Ultimate occupies three floors of the chrome and glass commercial tower. The corporation has an unmatched reputation for quality and only sells their submissive, well-trained cat girls to carefully screened and credit-checked buyers. Unlike many lower-tier kitten factories, Neko Dream Ultimate has no interest in producing snuff toys; catgirls are a pleasure to be savored over a lifetime. The company’s advertising image is bound up in the Nekos they produce, and prides itself on producing happy Nekos that go onto happy (if unfree) lives. The office is decorated with glossy photographs and memorabilia to the world famous Cheetah-Ai (NG female idol Nekomusume Bard 9, 1982-2007), the first cat-girl.

            Neko Dream Ultimate has exclusively licensing rights to sell kittens (and clones) of Fashion Club Nekomini show winners and first runner ups. The company is unique in that many of its sales staff are Nekos themselves, somewhat more intelligent than the norm, and extremely skilled in negotiations. These Neko sales-ladies are allowed to use their commissions to purchase not only their own freedom, but also stock in the company- making Neko Dream Ultimate one of the only partially Neko-owned businesses on the planet.

            The Amakaze own a controlling interest in Neko Dream Ultimate, and their interests are represented by senior board member, Karen Obake (LE female human Wizar (transmuter) 13). Obake was once one of Japan’s secret protectors, but she sold out during the 1970s. She designed both the spells and the gene-treatments necessary to produce a true Neko and was very much the ‘mother’ of Cheetah-Ai and the other first-gen Nekomusume. Today Obake is one of the richest businesswomen in Japan, but she has not left her Chiba mansion (except for high security board meetings) in more than two decades.

            Smilodon Risk!         
            One of Neko Dream Ultimate’s chief rivals, Smilodon Risk! has been in business since the mid-1980s. Also headquartered in Tokyo- in the rambunctious Akihabara District- Smilodon’s success is due to its unforgettable ad campaign. Where Neko Dream positioned its catgirls as elegant and graceful companions to the elite, Smilodon’s hyper-colored, action-oriented advertisements featured lithe, athletic catgirls in action! Karate, kendo, SCUBA diving, skydiving, free-climbing the rock faces of Yellowstone, motocross racing, paintball- Smilodon catgirls could do it all and more! And they were much cheaper than the equivalent Neko Dream kitties, the first mass-market catgirl.

            Smilodon Risk! is privately owned by Warren Dunn (N male human Otaku Smart 2/Hentai Hero 3/Modern Spellcaster 2), an American ex-pat who decided to stay in Japan after a summer internship with Neko Dream. The Amakaze controlled mega-corp couldn’t conclusively prove Dunn stole their technology (he didn’t- he was given it freely by Dr. Sukakagi specifically to make trouble for the mega-corp), but they spent over 100 million yen taking his start-up to court in the attempt. The handful of attempts on his life only made him stronger- Dunn was an ordinary mortal, albeit obsessed with catgirls before he crossed the Amakaze. He learned quick though, and proved capable of defending himself. Eventually, he was able to negotiate a truce with Neko Dream’s secret backers- a truce that kept him alive and in business, though what the treaty entailed, he’s never revealed.

            Dr. Sukakagi’s Strays
            Karen Obake might get all the credit for creating the Nekomusume race- all the press, the glossy magazine covers, the 1983 Nobel Prize for Genetics but she couldn’t of done it without Dr. Gendo Sukakagi (CE male human Modern Spellcaster 13). Dr. Sukakagi went slightly mad mapping the catgirl genome, and was prone to making grandiose statements about how the future of Earth was furred, and that he was the father of a race of feline angels who heralded the next epoch in human evolution! He was also prone to showing up to press conferences without pants and stinking of whiskey and musk, and every time he opened his mouth, Neko Dream’s stock took a big dip.

            The Amakaze bought him out. The sum was exorbitant, but Dr. Sukakagi blew through his payday in a few years- spending most of it on increasingly bizarre and fruitless experiments, and the rest on catgirl prostitutes, coke and booze. By the mid-80s, he was broke, bitter and convinced that Neko Dreams screwed him over. To get his revenge, he contacted any half-way competent gene-sculptor he could find and gave them his secrets. Soon, dozens of upstart companies were nibbling into Neko Dream’s markets share, first among them, Smilodon Risk!

            Neko Dreams Unlimited weathered the storm, and eventually the market stabilized around a few top tier kitten factories and a plethora of second stringers and imitators. By the mid 1990s, Dr. Sukakagi started working out of panel vans and abandoned buildings, squatting where he could and churning out genetically inferior, ‘quick and dirty’ feral Nekos by the thousands. He created true breeding packs of mentally damaged cat-hybrids in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagasaki and about a dozen other major cities throughout Japan and sat back to watch the fun.

            The Akaname in general and Karen Obake in specific, the Tokyo Bureau of Mythological Sanitation and anybody whose autobody work has been shredded by rogue Nekos would all like a big piece of Dr. Sukakagi’s ass….if they can ever find the malicious old coot. 

Dr. Gendo Sukakagi (CR 12)
Medium CE Human (cyborg) Modern Spellcaster 13
XP 19,200
Init +0 Senses Darkvision 60 ft, Perception +17       
Languages Cantonese, Dwarven, Draconic, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian

AC Touch Flatfooted
HP 13d6 hp (47 HP)
FORT +4 REF +4 WILL +11
Immune flanking

Spd 30 ft
Melee +7/+2 shortsword (1d6 slashing, 20/x2)
Spellcasting (CL 13th Concentration +24) 
Ninth Gate, Pulse of Misogyny* (W-DC 24), Sadistic Dissection, Mass* (F-DC 24)
Seventh Cure Serious Wounds, Mass, Delayed Blast Fireball (R-DC 23), Form of the Dragon II, Greater Polymorph, Regeneration, Resurrection
Sixth Antimagic Field, Anthropomorphize the Problem… And Fuck It*, Disintegrate (F-DC 22),  Repulsion (W-DC 22), Sadistic Dissection (F-DC 22),
Fifth Baleful Polymorph (F-DC 21), Cloudkill (F-DC 21), Corrupting Tentacles* (W-DC 21), Flesh Spasm*, Mage’s Faithful Hound (summons a cat instead), Mage’s Private Sanctum, Polymorph, Urban Stride*, Vibrating Torture* (F-DC 21)
Fourth Beast Shape II, Cure Critical Wounds, Enlarge Person, Mass,
Third Fireball (R-DC 18), Fly, Haste, Keen Edge, Ray of Exhaustion (W-DC 17), Wall of Fire
Second Cat’s Grace, Detect Thoughts, Electrical Transition*, Make Whole, Resist Energy, Scorching Ray (R-DC 17)
First Cure Light Wounds, Enlarge Person, Magic Missile, Magic Weapon, Mage Armor, POETICA Programming*, Quick Cum (W-DC 16), Stunning Orgasm (W-DC 16), True Strike
Zero (at least his top 5 favorites) Aid, Comfortable Act*, Happy Swell*, Mending, Prestidigitation
            *Enchantments of Black Tokyo

Str 8 Dex 11 Con 10 Int 21 Wis 16 Cha 14
Base Atk +6 CMB +5 CMD 15
Feats Arcane Strike, Catch Off Guard, Craft Wondrous Items, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Disruptive Spell, Ectoplasmic Spell, Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, Persistent Spell
Skills Craft (alchemy, electronics) both at +24, Computer Use +24, Heal, Knowledge (arcana, pop culture, technology) all at +23, Linguistics +22, Perception +17, Repair +22, Spellcraft +24
Cybernetics Cyberoptics (Compound Optics Band, Micro Optics, Nightvision Optics), Basic Cyberlimb (right arm, branch type hands), Cybernetic Power Supply (x5), Onboard Computer, Skill Databases (+2 equipment bonus Craft:alchemy, Craft:electronics, Computer Use, Heal, Repair, and Spellcraft checks)
Gear alchemist kit, electronics kit, first aid kit, surgery kit, laptop computer, 3x potions of cure serious wounds, ring of protection +4, multi-terrabit harddrive full of furry and catgirl porno, +1 short sword 

Environment any urban (in crappy neighborhoods, living out of an old van down by the river)
Organization solitary
Treasure double standard (hidden in the aforementioned crappy van down by the river)

Special Abilities
            Cyberlimb (EX)
            Dr. Sukakagi replaced his right arm at the shoulder after an industrial accident involving a catgirl, an untested sexual position and an unfortunately non-secured vat of industrial solvent. He can branch his hand (splitting his fingers apart on previously concealed seams into thousands of wire-like manipulators) that allow him to perform Craft checks involving precision work in half the usual time.
            Cyber Optics (EX)
            The flat band of advanced micro-cameras that replace Dr. Sukakagi’s organic eyes provide him with a 360 degree field of vision. Dr. Sukakagi cannot be flanked.

His advanced optics also provide him with Darkvision 60 ft and a +1 cybernetic bonus on Appraise, Craft, Disable Device, Heal, Linguistics (forger), Perception checks, thanks to his micro-vision optics.

Modern Spellcaster (SU)
Dr. Sukakagi can cast any spell in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, D20 Modern FX rules or other source, from any class list. If a spell is available to multiple classes, Harrier can learn it at the lowest level possible. Dr. Sukakagi is a spell point-based spell caster – to cast a spell, he must spend a number of spell points equal to the spell’s level (including any metamagic level adjustment). He can also attempt to cast spells beyond what he safely can cast, called overcasting, but at great personal risk.

Dr. Sukakagi can safely cast up to 7th level spells.

Eight hours of sleep or restful calm allows Dr. Sukakagi to recover 36 spell points, or he can spend an action point to instantly recover 2d6+2 spell points as a full round action.

Overcasting (SU)
Dr. Sukakagi can attempt to cast spells beyond 7th level, including those enhanced by metamagic. Doing so is risky. Dr. Sukakagi must succeed at a WILL save (DC 15 + spell level) or the spell is not cast. Furthermore, Dr. Sukakagi suffers 1d10 points of damage per level of the failed overcast spell. In addition, if Dr. Sukakagi fails his WILL save by 5 points or worse, he expends every spell point remaining in his pool, suffering +1 hit point damage per spell point expended.

            Dr. Sukakagi is crazy as fuck.
            The ‘father’ of the catgirl race is a wild-eyed, frizzy haired, Japanese mad man in a stained white lab coat. His right arm and his eyes have been replaced by bulky cybernetics- he could of easily afforded fully humanistic prosthetics, but he choose obvious chrome cybertech because it ‘looked cooler’. There’s a 50 percent chance he’s wearing trousers on any given day, and if he’s not, it’s a good bet his ‘little lab assistant’ is poking out of his Hello Kitty boxers.

            He’s prone to grandiose statements and grand pontifications that cat-girls are the most highly evolved race in the galaxy, and that the future of humanity is FURRY!! YIFF! YIFF! He’s especially poetic and enthusiastic when he’s drunk, which is most of his waking life. The quintessential mad scientist, Dr. Sukakagi is prone to abducting pretty college girls and office ladies in an attempt to genetically rebuild them into whatever cat-girl Messiah he’s having visions of this week. His schemes are bold, impetuous and very poorly thought-out. Most of his big ideas begin life as doodles on a bar napkin. He lives in a crappy panel van down by the river and squats in abandoned buildings, which he converts into laboratories that even your average meth-cook would find unsanitary.
            In battle, he’s Mr. Fucking Blasty-Mage. He will overcast the nastiest combination of metamagic enhanced combat magic he can dream up. Suck down an Empowered, Maximized, Disruptive, Persistent Disintegrate, asshole! There’s a very good chance he’s going to cook himself by overcastting before the player characters can shoot him themselves. Which is good, because as crappy as Dr. Sukakagi’s combat abilities are, that might be the only kill he scores the entire fight.

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