Thursday, May 8, 2014

Art Preview: Upcoming Black Tokyo Stuff

 This is going to be a fairly art heavy post, focusing on some of the artwork I'm gathering for upcoming Black Tokyo projects.

Up first is the cover art, done by John Picot, for Expanded Races: Kitsune. What was originally going to be a short sourcebook expanded dramatically and ended up adding tons of new content to the BTU canon. In addition to new options for Kitsune players and Kitsune-centric magic items, you have a major new villain for the setting, a low-level and rapacious Kitsune god, who comes in at CR 18, and a couple of minions for him ranking at CR 9 (for the scheming, manipulative sorceress) and CR 4 for a gang of thugs best mowed down in large numbers.

After that, some rough sketches by Amanda Webb. A magical pizza delivery girl and one of the most powerful, artifact level swords in the game, the 999 Edge, which is both a tribute to the over-sized swords of games like Final Fantasy, and the actual Japanese myth of the hero Benkei. I really love mixing and matching elements of folklore- the folkloric aspects, even more than the overt hentai elements are what I think gives Black Tokyo it's unique flavor.

After that, a nice pin-up shot of a female ninja by John Picot. She'll appear in either a POETICA-centric sourcebook or in the revised and expanded atlas for the setting.

Finally, Amanda mentioned to me that she often prints out her inked line work (at least of the more kid-friendly stuff I commission her to do) and uses them as coloring pages for her kids. The red-skinned angel image was colored by Amanda's daughter Fiona. It's actually really well done, especially since you consider the kid's five.

Anyway, look for a free coloring book of Amanda's art soon so if you want you can do the same for your own kids.

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