Friday, August 22, 2014


Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart, and for the first time in a few months, had the spare cash available to pick up a new action figure. I got the Total Heroes Batman figure. Total Heroes is a bargain-basement basic toyline- right now, it includes the male members of the JLA and maybe some badguys, and is sold for 10 bucks. Ten bucks for a 6 inch, nicely articulated figure? Oh hell yeah.

They had the entire League on the pegs, but I passed on Aquaman because, well, Aquaman fucking sucks (even if the gold scales did look nice) and the New 52 versions of Superman and Green Lantern, because I'm not a fan of those costumes. I was indifferent to Superman's new costume when it premiered, but in the two years since, I've gotten more and more negative about it. I'm really hoping DC ditches the new costume sooner rather than later. If the toys are still there when I next return, I might pick up their Flash. The red of his costume would really pop on my shelves.

Batman is great. It's just a great, generic representation of the bat-suit. I can even ignore the fact it's built on the Superman buck, and has those stupid pentagons on the shoulders. They're a minor quibble. This could be the Jim Lee "Hush" Batman as easily as it could be the Year One suit, as easily as it can be the New 52 Batman. It's wonderful.

Plus, I didn't realize this in package, but once I got it home and took him out of the plastic..... CLOTH CAPE. Yes! There should be a law that all Batman figures must include a cloth cape. None of that stiff plastic crap for Bruce Wayne. Also, you can hook his batrangs to pegs on the back of the utility belt for storage- that is so fucking neat. I'm not crazy about the grapple gun- it looks more like a generic sci-fi laser blaster than a grappling hook, so it's going into the 'undisplayed weapons zip-lock' I keep around, at least until I figure out another 5-6 inch figure who looks good holding it.

Right now, I've got him on display on my 'novel' shelf. He's keeping company with Zealot from the classic Wild Cats line (and is almost perfectly in scale with her).

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